Today April and Larry were wonderful enough of volunteers to answer the call to come early and help get ready for a big day. They brought along some other volunteers and shortly everything was in tip top shape for all the visitors that were expecting to come out today.

One of the days projects was to clean out the stock trailer. It is going to be hauling a lot of stuff to the skating party, and it would certainly be nice if it all showed up clean. When they declared it done, it really sparkled almost like new.

One of our long time blog readers from Oklahoma was visiting today and just had to pitch in and help around the place. He chose the job of weed eating, and it went really well. It made the place look better and cut down on the fire danger.

About this time visitors starting coming. These folks spent a lot of time with Noble…

…and soon realized they were all madly in love with each other. They put the adoption hold on her and are anxiously awaiting their adoption application to be approved.

Deb was out to work with the horses and it’s a good thing, they were pretty frisky today. We can’t tell you how many times Tawnee sits there with a camera, waiting patiently to get a picture of a horse rearing or bucking. Today Tawnee took the camera, pointed it at Deb, and what do you know, perfect timing! Hope decided to leap through the air at just the right moment.

All the guys were enjoying their fathers day, working away in the hot sun putting up fences. Poor guys should have been at home sleeping instead…

Hope’s new mommy was up today to take Hope home. They were happy to know that no baby was on the way after Hope’s ultrasound the other day at the vet. We are always so excited when horses get placed into their forever homes. We hope you two share a lot of wonderful adventures together.

Deb rode Samba. Samba has come such a long ways from the day she first came. When she first came, we thought riding her might be impossible for a very long time, but she is gaining a lot of trust and proved us wrong today. She did very well under saddle.

Samba’s potential adopter donated a saddle for the silent auction. It seems to be a really nice saddle.

Samba’s potential adopters got to know her and they all seemed to get along just great.

Eeyore and Martha found a nice place to sprawl out together in the sun. They are so cute together.

Raja had some visitors today as well. They are all fell in love with her and placed a hold on her. There are so many applications that need to get processed, but Jaime is working diligently on them, so please have patience!

Nook and Brandy came back from their foster home. We have been having a lot of interest in adopting them recently, but when we say “They are at a foster home, would you be interested in seeing them there?” we just get a no in reply. So, hopefully they can be adopted soon!

Duke decided to take a nice dirt bath today in the middle of all the action.

Here is Duke the first day we met him at the auction, a shabby coat and a little ribby.

Now he has a shiny coat and has gained a lot of weight.

Duke was adopted today and left for his new home. We wish you the best Duke!

After all the visitors had said “Goodbye” Jason and Tawnee headed into Home Depot to get some needed material for the skating party. While there, they ran into a past adopter. She was very excited and helped them find the things they need. She even pushed their cart for awhile!

It is absolutely amazing and humbling, the amount of support and items that have been donated for the silent auction. It will be truly a great variety of stuff to choose from. It is definitely stuff you won’t want to miss!

In the mail today there was yet another package, a Dooney & Bourke handbag. This is specifically to raise money to help Phoenix’s recovery. Thank you so much anonymous!

Jaime had a successful tabling event at the Reinstorm event over the weekend. Thank you for all your hard work Jaime!

Jaime did great, and almost $80 was raised to help the horses. A filmmaker stopped by and donated a couple video’s.

Cal Skate / Funland wrote up a great email invitation to help drive up more interest in the skating party. We want the walls packed! We were really impressed and surprised by this, they have been so wonderful, helping and doing their best to make it a successful event. We definitely hope to see you this Wednesday! We will be sending this out to our email list, it can easily be forwarded on to your friends who you think may be interested in attending.

Many thanks to Debra L. – Patricia K. – Jan S. for their generous donations this weekend.

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  1. Do you have a map on how to get to NCER? I enjoy reading your email letters. It is so wonderful what you are doing for all our four legged friends. They give soooo much to us but for some that just can’t return a little of it should never have animals !! It is heartbreaking.
    Thank you and keep up the great work.

  2. It strikes me as a bit concerning that people are interested in horses that are in foster but they don’t want to have to take the time to see them elsewhere.

    Ohhhh, very nice handbag. Hopefully it raises a ton of money for Phoenix.

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