Yes, Macho Man was at it again today. He is getting to be such a popular boy.

Both Dottie and Macho Man were on their way to a Christian summer program for kids. There would be lots of adoring little kids to love on them.

Soon they were in their special mini-pen, and the kids were starting to gather around them. All of the kids had to come say “Hi” at least once, and Dottie and Macho Man were loving it.

There were quite amazing looking characters there, adding an authentic flare to the program.

Tawnee had brought Boaz, her rescued horse, as well and soon Tawnee really didn’t look like herself anymore. Boaz had that look of “What happened to you mom?” on his face.

It’s not Tawnee’s typical riding clothing, but everyone seemed to love it.

Boaz was a good boy, and his favorite part was getting apples and other treats.

At the end everyone posed for a goodbye picture. All the kids loved Dottie, Macho Man and Boaz. We tried to gather everyone for the picture, but a lot of people had already left. They can’t wait to hopefully see them again soon!

All too soon it was time to say “Goodbye.” Dottie and Macho Man were happy to be on the way back to the rescue.

On the way back Tawnee got a beautiful picture of the sunset. The scary part is, about a mile and a half from the rescue there was a grass fire today. We couldn’t tell how big it was, but it looked like an acre or so in size. Very scary.

It was a nice calm peaceful day, no doubt the calm before the storm. Tomorrow everything that isn’t ready for the skating party has to get ready. So many people are saying they are taking that day off of work to come support the rescue’s largest ever fundraising event. If you aren’t taking off work, feel free to donate anyway! And if you are close, we will be there until 8:00 pm having fun, so you can hopefully come by after work.
Many thanks to Tina S for donating today and to Show Dressed Up for sponsoring a hole at the Skating Party. Your financial donations are greatly appreciated!

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