You may be somewhat bored of reading about our fundraiser events, but, as the economy gets worse, it gets harder and harder to get donations, but on the flip side more and more horses need our help. It is a really a vicious circle, and, tomorrow is the last planned fundraiser for awhile.

Today’s events were focused on one thing: getting ready for the skating party. This morning found Jason working away on the jail. It needed the finishing touches.

April, Alex and Brittney came over today to help get ready for the event tomorrow. First they cleaned, sorted, and did a lot of work here at the rescue lightening the load for Jason and Tawnee who were running around trying to get all the loose ends tied up. Thank you so much guys!

Then April and Brittney (not pictured) gave Dottie and Macho Man a nice bath so they will be nice and clean for the skating event tomorrow.

Tawnee headed into town with an out of state volunteer. One of her stops was purchasing 4 mini panels. With Dottie, Macho Man, Martha and Eeyore planning appearances at the skating party, they need some room to move around.

After that it was off to Staples. Yes, you guessed it, we are having some last minute banners printed up. It seems to be a trend, but they promised they would be ready in the morning. Then it was off to Wal-Mart were Tawnee and Tasha, the out of state volunteer, started checking things off the list as they found them in the store. It was a long list and it felt good checking off the items as the carts filled up.

Tawnee could hardly push her cart it was so full.

After everything was done, Tawnee asked if they had any food for the rescue, and they did! So, she got it loaded up and headed off to her next destination.

When Tawnee arrived back at the rescue, it was back into full work mode continuing the packing for the skating party. First everything had to be unloaded so that the goosneck trailer could be hooked up.

The silent auction / raffle items were covering the inside of Jason and Tawnee’s living room. It seemed endless, but it was finally all packed up and ready to go.

Jason was putting the final touches on the jail. It looks great! He put electric rope on it, so don’t try to escape!

Then came the task of moving it. Jason and a volunteer tried to pick it up, but couldn’t manage it so easy.

But they figured out a method that seemed to work and soon they were moving it to the waiting trailer.

Would it go in standing up? No, of course not, it was maybe 1 inch too tall.

So, they ended up laying it down on its side and sliding it on up to the front.

Once the jail was in, it was time to load everything else into the big trailer. Item after item went into the trailer.

Many hands made light work and before nightfall the trailer was packed and ready to go.

After the trailer was loaded, Tawnee remembered there was one last thing. The twine ball. It had been tossed into the trash after everyone got fed up with it, but we never had the heart to actually take it to the dump. Too much time went into it and it is really neat after all.

Tawnee put a few twine strings around it to hold it all together and clean it up. She then put it on the scale for the official measurement. It weighs a whopping… You can guess its weight tomorrow at the skating party, and if you are the closest, you will win the twine ball and an additional prize! If you ever wanted a giant twine ball, here’s your chance.

Many people have asked for directions to the skating party, click here for a map on the skating page, just scroll down. You can click the “To Here” button and get directions from your location.

We would also like to invite you to check out FunLand’s website to answer any additional questions you may have about the facilities. Click here! We look forward to seeing you there tomorrow!

We would like to thank Gail G and Pamela N for donating today! We really appreciate your financial support.

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