The skating party was a huge success! Many thanks to all the 100 people that came, the many wonderful volunteers, and the staff and management of of Funland. It was a really fun day, a lot of really happy people doing a lot of great activities. If you weren’t there, you really missed a great time.

Jason and Tawnee got back to the rescue about 10:30 pm, then after tucking everyone in and uploading the pictures, it left no time today to write a very lengthy blog. Please enjoy the picture captions!

Martha and Eeyore were very good about getting into the trailer. They hopped right in, wondering what fun they would have today.

The first stop was at Staples to pick up the banners. Thanks to Staples for getting it done!

Tawnee held the minis and goat while the panels were unloaded. Soon the panels were out and set up and ready to hold them safely.

The jail was also unloaded. It arrived safely and was ready for some occupants.

And then, the dunk tank and inflatable slide showed up! We cannot possibly thank Plan-it Interactive enough for bringing them out free of charge. Click here to visit their website.

The scary looking dunk tank was set up and ready to make some victims wet.

And then the big slide was being unrolled.

Soon it was all stretched out and ready for air.

The blowers were hooked up and it began to inflate.

A few minutes later it was really taking shape.

And then the fun began! Tawnee looks like a small dot, it was really huge!

Our friends at Home at Last were invited to set up an informational booth at the skating party. They had a really attractive setup.

Dottie loved hanging around the kids. This time we did something new, we did pony painting.

The kids would put their hands in some paint and place their hand on Dottie. The kids all loved it and Dottie didn’t mind a bit.

Folks posed to get their pictures taken with Dottie too.

We had various booths outside giving people information, items for sale, tickets for sale, etc.

The dunk tank was definitely a crowd favorite. Everyone really had a lot of fun and since it was so incredibly hot today, the person on the platform didn’t mind getting dunked at all.

When the ball would connect, down into the water the person would go. Britney got dunked repeatedly, but was a great sport about it.

Larry had a lot of fun putting people in jail, then the people would have to raise bail until he was satisfied. Some people gave Larry a hard time and just took off running.

People began gathering inside after 5:00 pm.
The items for the silent auction were all arranged quite attractively thanks to Tasha’s hard work.

Around 6:00 the slide was being taken down. We would like to thank Tamra for making the slide and dunk tank a reality, and the dedication she showed to the horses today. We cannot thank you enough Tamra, you are the best!!!
Inside everyone was really enjoying skating and staying cool. Over 100 people attended the skating party today.

At the end of the skating party we did a skating gymkhana. Cones replaced barrels and poles, and skates replaced horses, but it was a lot of fun! Sierra, pictured below, took first
place in barrel racing and placed second in pole bending, seen below. Everyone had a lot of fun!

About this time, the last of the silent auction items were being collected by the winning bidders.

Then there was the jolly twine ball. The winner of it actually wasn’t interested in taking it home, so he tried to find someone else to take it.

Finally one guy was more than thrilled to have the twine ball in his possession.

Outside everything was coming to a close, and it was time to take everything down.

The little equine and Mr T were waiting patiently for their turn to get loaded into the trailer.

As we were finishing packing up, a few more stragglers were carrying their precious items to their waiting car.

Lead ropes were brought out and put on the little ones.

Then with some human help they got up and into the trailer for the ride back to the rescue.

We cannot possibly name everyone that donated today, but thank you so much for making this fundraiser such a success. We really appreciate everyone showing up and showing their support. Now it will be nice to get back to the normal day to day of the rescue life for awhile.

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  1. You guys are amazing. How you do all you do and document it with pics on the same day is so very cool. I feel like I can almost feel like I was there. You do awesome work. Thank you so much.

  2. Wow! What a great fundraiser! I do a fundraiser here in my county for a Therapeutic Riding Academy and some of your ideas are AWSOME! I’m so glad it was a good day for all!

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