Please enjoy these udpates of horses that have been adopted from NorCal Equine Rescue and are leading wonderful lives.

Jasper’s, aka Bubba, adoptive family writes: “Jasper really likes my two old mares and they like him too. He’s beautiful and handsome now. Although I haven’t ridden him, I “dressed” him up for this photo.”

“My Luna started “school” she is settling in and learning a lot! We found a great trainer less than 5 miles away from our house so we can still see her daily. She is making great strides she stood for the farrier to have a trim finally. Poor girl has had such trust issues, but finally she’s coming around and realizes that people really aren’t that bad. She had her first bath today (she wasn’t real excited until she realized how refreshing a cool bath can feel after working out.) She is only being ridden by the trainer right now, but Sandy, our trainer, is great…she explains what and why she is doing every step of the way.”

“Adrian is now named Zoey. Zoey is learning fast & loves both Kaycee & Makayla. Watching Zoey’s progress has been truly amazing. Zoey is healthy, happy, social, & trusting. Both Kacyee & Zoey are bonded very tightly.”
“Cinnamon had her filly!!!! Brahma was born right in my lap at 10;30pm April 13. She is a BIG strong girl who is more of a puppy than a horse. She DEMANDS attention. She will whinny at you repeatedly until you acknowledge her. Cinnamon is also doing great! She is still big and fat and still looks pregnant. She is an amazing girl. I can touch and brush her all over. She now halters , leads, and ties with no problem. Wears her flymask and hates her blanket. Hard to believe that she was ever ‘wild’, although she may very well prove me wrong when it comes time to ride her.”

“Here is Luna (the dun Paso Fino filly that I got from you) enjoying life at our ranch in Squaw Valley. She has been through training. I would love to get her registered but the former owner would not cooperate. He is sort of on the black list at the national paso fino association for a lot of reasons!”

“Layla is my favorite gal. She has turned a brilliant dark blood bay. I can jump on her whenever and go on a trail ride with no problems. She has recently stopped trying to kill my farrier and is getting less finicky about her ears every day.”

“Here are a few pictures of our extended family. The horses have come a long way and have been great. Bud is full of life and doing great. Dakota and Lady are also thriving. Thank you so much for these great equines!!! I also included a picture of Shem, aka Sonny who was also at the 4H Horse Show.”



Bud aka Dakota Boy

Shem aka Sonny

We would like to thank the above adopters for giving their adopted horses such wonderful homes, and for taking the time to send us updates. We love updates, and we hope you do too!

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