This morning was quite a warm morning. The little mini’s and Mr T were ready for their food and were waiting patiently by the fence for their breakfast.
As the morning progressed, it definitely was getting warmer and warmer. Deb was out and Tawnee and her started evaluating horses. Malibu the mare Tawnee bought out of the kill pen at the last auction was the first to be evaluated. She is very easy to saddle up and everything, she just doesn’t have a clue on what to do. She isn’t scared and doesn’t seem to have any buck, but she doesn’t know what to do. She has no go, brakes or steering. She should be a very easy horse to train. If you’ve always wanted to train your own horse, you should visit Malibu!
Ok everyone, we need your help identifying a breed. Tawnee and Deb went round and round today trying to identify what breed this little mare is. If you have any ideas, please post them in the comments section with links to similar looking horses. She is really cute just has a different look about her.

Here is a side view of Snazzy so you can get an idea of what her whole body looks like.

Snazzy is trained to ride, is very sensitive and smart. She is just adorable. She is about 14 hands.

A horse came in today who’s owner said she is crippled, he tried breeding her but she wouldn’t take, so now she is here. We will be evaluating her to determine her quality of life and giving her lots of love.
Kramer was surrendered the other day, and today he got his evaluation. First he decided he wanted to play for awhile to show Tawnee and Deb his stuff and how talented he is.

He went leaping, bucking and flying through the air. It was really neat to see him enjoying life so much.

Once he had calmed down he stood there so majestic looking, truly a beautiful boy.

By this time Deb and Tawnee were wilting in the sun. It was about 100 in the shade by noon.

Kramer, who is in adoption pending, agreed with us about the heat. It was decided to call it quits with the evaluations for the day, it was just getting too hot.

The thermometer kept rising and soon it was bordering on 110 f. Officially the hottest day at the rescue this year.

There really wasn’t any way to beat the heat but Jason brought out his portable swamp cooler and put it next to the swing. It was a relief to have at least one spot to get out of the sun and get some cool air blown over you. The visitors who braved the heat also enjoyed sitting in the cool breeze. Once everybody was done Tawnee collapsed for a minutes respite.

By evening, after the sun was gone, it finally started getting cooler.

Many thanks to Judy H. for donating! Your donation is greatly appreciated.

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  1. I don’t know much about breeds but she looks like a Quarter/TB cross to me.
    Also, I love getting your daily accounts. How you guys even have time for that amazes me! I like the looks of Kramer! What a cutie.

  2. my first impression was saddlebred; the coat color is correct for this breed and I have seen the “old face” on them before.
    An “old face” is a convex shape instead of concave like an arabains. Most saddlebreds have a straight structure to their faces though.

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