Many of you may not be aware, but the Internet has been pretty much not working at the rescue since last Wednesday. Accessing email, updating the website, etc has been virtually impossible. The blog has been made possible by driving out to where the cell phone Internet can reach out to another tower. We found out today that the cell tower we use has been out of commission since Wednesday. This morning the Internet was still not working properly at the rescue so Jason was unable to get any email done. There were still plenty of chores to get done though, and everyone stayed more than busy today.

James, a barefoot trimmer that has come out several times with Sally to trim, came out today to get some hooves into shape. It was very hot again today, but the portable swamp cooler sure made the job more comfortable.

James even worked with Belle, she sure is a gorgeous little pony. She is still shy of people, but as you can see she can be handled.

Trimming was slow and on her terms, but finally her fronts were done and it was decided to leave her backs for another day. James didn’t want to put too much stress on her in one day.

The all too familiar sight from last year began rising over the ridge this afternoon. We are not sure where the fire was, or what kind it was, but it was an eerie sight. We sure hope that we do not have a repeat of last years events (multiple fires threatening and burning thousands of homes, hundreds of horses being evacuated, etc.) The fire was put out by the afternoon and there was no more sign of it.

Jason and Tawnee passed by the vet today so they stopped to get a picture of Phoenix. He is looking good these days, obviously a long long ways to go, but he is still on the mend.

One of the projects today was to get the supplies needed for automatic waters in the pens. With the hot summer months upon us, it will be nice to have a constant supply of water in the pens. Hopefully the horses will choose not to play with the shiny new “toys.” The first stop was at Tractor Supply where the automatic water’s are sold.

Next stop was at Home Depot where the plumbing parts are sold to hook all of the automatic water’s up to the big tank that Ted and Katy donated last year. It is full of water and ready to fill troughs.

Thanks for all the suggestions about Snazzy! One suggestion that caught our eye was possibly part Polo pony? She doesn’t appear to be gaited. More suggestions would be great! She is adoption pending, but it would be neat to find out her breed.

Many thanks to ITF Supply for sponsoring two holes at the Skating party. It’s a bit late for the actual event, but they wanted to show their support for the horses. Click here to visit their website.

We would like to thank Jenette S. – Bandit Blue – Taryn M. – Anonymous for donating today. We really appreciate your financial support!

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