Thank you so much to the generous people who donated to the hay fund! It has ceased being the “May” hay days, has been the June hay days and is now stretching into the July hay days. We greatly appreciate the support to purchase the feed so needed each and every day. It looks like we will have to close this fundraiser down and just go from month to month again.

Tawnee spent her day at the vet. Cruiser was one of the horses that were surrendered yesterday. Cruiser had no idea when he woke up this morning what all his day would entail.

He was led into the surgery room and soon drifted off into la-la land.

Tawnee drifted over to the barn to visit some of the horses that are out there. Mr Ed has been out at the vet for a little while. He went out there for a farrier day to have his feet done for being adopted. He had a small lump on his lip which his adopter wanted removed. He had his lump removal operation and he is hanging out at the vet until she is satisfied that he is doing great.

Meanwhile, Cruiser was waking up from his surgery. He found himself waking up in a padded room. He looked at the camera with the classic “How could you do this to me? I trusted you!” look about him.

Back in the barn, Phoenix was getting his picture taken. He was enjoying a nice yummy meal. He has a great appetite these days, his manure is really firming up and one by one his ribs are starting to disappear. It was a real battle for so long, his diarrhea just wouldn’t come under control. We were afraid that we might lose him, but it is comforting to know he is doing so much better.
His body used to be hard like a rock everywhere, there was just no soft area anywhere, it was just skin wrapped tightly around his bones. Every time Tawnee sees him she gives him the squishy test. She’s so excited to see fat coming over his body.

Cruiser was doing well enough to get out of the padded room and into a regular stall. There are no babies in this little guys future for sure. It’s always nice cutting the unwanted horse problem at the source.

Back at the rescue, Jason was writing emails, answering the phone, and hanging automatic waterers. Not at the same time, but he got a lot of each done today. There are still over 200 emails in the inbox, so if you didn’t‘ get yours today, please be patient!

The outpouring of support today was absolutely wonderful! We would like to thank Victoria S. – Cheryl R. – Lari K. – Margaret C. – Show Dressed Up – Paula G. – Victoria Z. – Pamela N. – Dianna S. – Sara H. – Elizabeth O. – Jessica B. – for donating today. We can’t possible thank you enough! When we started off to rescue the horses yesterday, we weren’t sure where the money would come from, but we stepped out in faith that the funds would be donated, and thanks to your generosity, the costs that were involved in rescuing yesterday has been mostly covered. We can’t rescue without your support! We do the hands on, front line work, but you are the ones that make it possible.

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