This is, believe it or not, blog post #500. That’s right, 500 blog posts ago we started writing about the days events as they happened. Click here for the starting month, it’s amazing how much more happens every day a year and a half later. If you are a regular blog reader and have been reading it ever since the start, we would love to hear your story!

We have some great updates with before and after photo’s to share with you. We hope you enjoy them.

Lyla was rescued May 13th. This is a picture the day she was rescued. She still had her shaggy winter coat, but you can clearly see her ribs and her backbone or anywhere for that matter.

Today, she is a different looking girl. She looks more like Tawnee remembers her looking like when Tawnee competed against her in Gymkhana competitions. Lyla has a strong will to live and has proved it.

Tehya was rescued May 10th from Roseville Livestock Auction. She is an off the track TB mare.

And now look at this beautiful girl! We would like to thank her foster mom for the great job in bringing her back to health.

Daisy was rescue along with Lyla on May 13th. Of all the horses that were rescued that day, she made us the most worried. She had really bad diarrhea and always seemed to hang her head low.
Today, she is quite a different looking girl. This is the essence of rescue, taking horses that are in terrible situations, been abused and neglected, and then bringing them back to health. She is still a bit ribby, but she is on her way to perfect health.

Today the three happy Appy’s here at the rescue all headed off to their new home. Gage, Mo and Daisy were excited to be leaving. Gage and Mo were adopted and Daisy is being fostered to adopt while she is still in rehab.

Soon they were all loaded up and Jason was off to take them to their new home.

We had some air force support recently in the battle against the flies. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of dragon flies have decided that the rescue is a great place to get a free lunch. We appreciate their help, it actually has made a huge difference.

Soon Jason was at the Appy’s home. They were unloaded and put into their new pens.

Gage and Mo enjoyed checking out their new surroundings.

Daisy, on the other hand, was doing what she loves best: eating. She will certainly be getting all the food and care she can possibly handle at her new home.

From the Appy’s home Jason headed over to some very generous people’s house. They donated 27 bales of hay, and Jason chose today to pick it up.

Soon Jason had it loaded up in the trailer and was ready to enjoy the air conditioning of the truck once again. Thank you so very much for donating the hay, the horses should really enjoy it.

On the way back to the rescue Jason took this picture, which he thought was kind of neat.

We had a new potential regular volunteer come out today and help out. She enjoyed meeting Honey and Prince. She has read their progress on our blog and was just thrilled to get her hands on the little guy.

Tawnee introduced the jolly ball to Prince. He wasn’t sure what to do about it, but was happy to chew on the handle for a little bit.

Soon Prince got bored of the jolly ball and was more interested in getting his picture taken. He is such a cute little guy and really brightens up everyone’s day here at the rescue.

are fixing up the Dodge to sell, we are hoping to get about $5,000 for it. Volunteer Larry’s brother is a mechanic so he is fixing what is wrong (cracked head) with it for a greatly reduced rate.

Another beautiful day was ending at the rescue. Tawnee got her sunset photo with Nutaka, one of the pregnant mares, who posed perfectly with the sunset.

Tragedy struck while Tawnee was doing the blog pictures. At this point, seen below, Tawnee was ready to save all the blog pictures, when the computer froze. And it didn’t come back. All the pictures disappeared forever, so, she had to start all over again… While the computer was sitting there frozen she grabbed the camera so you can share in her misery.

We would like to thank Mandy H. – Sigrid V. – Suzanne F. – Cindy R. – Janet L for their extremely generous donations today. You can see your name here too, just click here.

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  1. Thanks for the update on Lyla and Daisy. I too was fearful for Daisy. The morning of the rescue, I drove by the corral. I feared Daisy would die before the end of the day. The picture you have of her at the time of the rescue is exactly what I saw that morning. At my morning break, I called Travis Goings at the substation in Greenville, to yell, plead and scream. He stopped me by sayng the mares had been rescued. The tears started flowing and do again whenever I think of those beautiful, now lucky, girls.

    I’m confused about the definition of an Appy. I’m 65 and when I was younger an Appy was grey/black with dapples on the hind quarters. Today, what is called an Appy looks like a roan to me. Can you please help me out?

    Hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine!

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