Today’s Events – Hotshots parents were really upset about having to let him go. He comes with all of his goodies and you can tell they really loved and cared for him well. He has a two page letter in his file with all the information we will need on him.

They donated a bag of senior feed while they were there.

Tonka, a horse that came in today, was in adoption pending less than an hour after he arrived and his new potential family is more than happy to allow him to retire in a pasture if that is what he needs. He, Dolly and Brighty are going to have an amazing new home! Deb and Jamie did the regular stuff. Pouncy was adopted, here is a picture with her new mommy.

If you’re wondering what happened to writing style on the blog, Jason and Tawnee took the day off and the above is the field notes and pictures from the day. Jaime and Deb took over the rescue today to give Jason and Tawnee a much deserved day off. Jaime emailed the pictures and field notes, so they just copy/pasted and matched it up.
Jason and Tawnee decided to let you join them on their mini 1 day vacation. They took their kids to the Sacramento Train Museum for a birthday party!

Justin, the birthday boy, is absolutely crazy about trains. Here he is listening to the information about the train behind him.

One of the days highlights was taking a ride on a real working steam engine train.

Along the train route the California capital building was clearly visible, where laws are made and can be made that will protect horses all throughout California. Slaughter is already illegal here, why are so many California horses being shipped out? Jason wanted to run over to the big white building and ask Arnold, but he remembered he had a day off…

It was wonderful for Jason and Tawnee to have most of the day off of work, many thanks to Deb and Jaime for stepping in and making it happen!

We would like to thank Blue Horse Design – Pamela M. – Teresa L. – Sigrid V. – Mandy H. – Liane H. for their generous donations over the weekend.

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