Some very tenacious wildflowers are staying quite beautiful despite the 100+ degree heat we had last week. This is certainly the first time we have blooming wildflowers here at the rescue in July, usually it’s wildfires instead of wildflowers.

Eeyore is still receiving daily eye medication for his hurt eye. He is possibly the best patient ever, Tawnee walks over to the fence, calls his name, and he ambles over to the fence and holds his head up. He must know we are doing what we can to make his eye recover to the fullest extent possible.

Not even a month ago he was in such terrible shape that his attending vet recommended humane euthanasia. We had an equine eye specialist look at his eye, and he recommended a treatment plan which is working wonders.

His eye is looking so much better, we are so excited to see such progress. We are so happy that this cute little guy didn’t lose his life, and now his eye is almost totally recovered.

Tonka, who was surrendered yesterday and was put into adoption pending the same day, was taken to the vet today for evaluation. He had some trouble with his feet and so he was off to the vet to find out what was going on in there.

Once there, the examination was started.

The xrays were taken, he was a really good boy.

It was determined that he needed some corrective shoeing to make him more comfortable and hopefully improve his hooves over time.

Phoenix is still progressing towards perfect health. Every time we see him he is more alert, a little fatter, and enjoying life.

We’ve been trying to track down who he really is. He is Phoenix, but who is the horse behind the tattoo? The problem is, we can only really read 3 numbers. The registry told us to take a black light, put him in a dark room, and the black light would pull out the numbers. That didn’t do any good, so for now his past is still a mystery.

It was decided that Phoenix is doing well enough for his first hoof trim since being rescued. He was so emaciated that he would not have been able to stand on 3 legs for the trim job. Now, he is strong enough and he was a very good boy for the whole thing.

When they got done with one leg, he lifted up the other and patiently waited. It always amazes us the kindness love and gentleness that Phoenix shows the world, after he was so unmercifully treated.

Finally all the vet stuff was done, and it was time for Tawnee and the horses to head back to the rescue. Cruiser, the little paint that was gelded and Mr Ed, who had a facial surgery were able to come back to the rescue today.

Cruiser is such a cute little guy, he really needs a great home! Cruiser is a yearling, he’s the cutest guy ever, just waiting for a home like yours?

We would like to thank Spalding Labs for sending a box of fly predators and a $110.70 coupon good for fly predators. The flys hate you, we love you!
Eileen G. – E G. – Jean J. – Anna P. – Patricia F. – Yvonne P. are the financial hero’s today that helped make it possible to pay for all the expenses of rescuing and caring for horses. As you know by reading our blog, we are almost always at the vet, giving so much care to all the rescued horses. It all takes money! Please donate what you can, click here.

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  1. Wow, Phoenix looks so much better! Keep up the good work! I’d love to know who he ‘really’ is, so if you guys decipher his tattoo, please post the results!

  2. I have a special affinity for Phoenix, since I have an ex-racehorse of my very own, and am so glad to see him coming along. I am also amazed at his capacity to forgive! I hope you find out who he “really” is, but if not, he’s still a remarkable soul

    And Tonka is a doll! I also have a soft spot for Spotty horses, since I have one of them, too. 🙂

    You’re doing great work, guys! Keep it up!

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