After the chores were done this morning the day was spent doing web work, updating the website and making new pages. They are not up yet, but hopefully they are soon.

A new Arab mare is at the rescue, she is from Butte County Animal Control. She is really sweet and has great ground manners. We don’t know if she is trained to ride yet or not, she was apparently abandoned by her owners and was found literally looking in someones window. They called Animal Control, nobody claimed her and now she is here.

Yes, we finally had a flat tire on the trailer that had to be taken into town to be fixed. It certainly is not happening with the frequency it used to happen, but it is still a time trap when it does. Jason took the tire off and headed off to town.

To help control the mosquito larva in the automatic water troughs, Jason got about 50 mosquito fish from Oroville Mosquito and Vector Control. They give them away for free to anyone that has standing water. Some of the fish were released this evening once Jason got back, but the others are still being climated to the trough temperature.

This evening Jason headed down the hill holding a giant funny looking sack with white and red squares on it…

He hooked it up to the air nozzle and pushed the button.

It started taking shape, but what is it?

It’s a giant ball for the horses!

It was donated by Equi-Spirit to give the rescued horses some spirited fun and brighten up their day here at the rescue. This ball will make a great additional to the rescue, especially since the twine ball is officially gone forever. Click here to visit their website, you can add some joy to your horses lives too.

The sun was just falling behind the mountain and it was starting to cool off. Time to play!

Prince and Honey were brought up into the round pen with the big ball. Prince wasn’t sure what it was but he looked and looked…

Soon he was racing around, he just didn’t know what to think about it, it is almost as big as he is! It was really cute watching him experience something new.

Many thanks to the financial hero’s of the day: Jennifer H. – Barbara B. – Gail G. all donated to help rescued horses like Honey, Prince and the Animal Control mare receive the best possible care.

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