As many of you know, we have been keeping our eyes open for a new facility for NorCal Equine Rescue. We have launched a massive fundraising plan to purchase a new facility for the rescue in the surrounding area. We are doing a lot of behind the scenes work, making plans, lining up staff to man the new facility, etc, but for now you can click here to find out about the new efforts that are starting to happen! We really need to get everyone involved in this, anyone can help in one way or another. This is a huge opportunity for NorCal Equine Rescue to grow and to help more horses in need. NorCal is now too big and too busy to be located 3 miles back a dirt road. A new location can bring more visitors, more volunteers and more adopters. We have a potential family lined up to caretake the new facility, this lighten the load of Jason and Tawnee’s day to day load. This is a really big opportunity, click here to learn more!

First thing this morning Tawnee headed off to pick up Kassandra. She was coming back to the rescue as her adoptive family was moving and could no longer keep her. They took wonderful care of her and greatly loved her, but their move forced them to say “Goodbye.”

Kassandra’s family donated some hay with her. We really appreciate any donations of hay, we go through a lot of it here at the rescue.

Kassandra settled back in at the rescue, it seems that she remembers being at the rescue. She is such a beautiful girl, hopefully she can find a new home soon, maybe yours?

Jason started preparing to take Tonka, Brighty, Dolly and Cruiser to their new home. Dolly and Cruiser were wide eyed to see what new adventure lay ahead of them. No doubt Cruiser was worried, as his last adventure left him gelded.

Tonka and Brighty were put into the round pen so they could get used to each other before the trip. They couldn’t quite figure out what that bright ball was doing in there, but they sure loved rolling in the soft sand.

They all loaded up nice and easy without a hitch. Tawnee threw the rope over Tonka’s back and he loaded himself right in.

And then they were off.

Larry and April came over to help out the rescue today. They helped put ID tags on the horses and did a lot of other things to help. All the time they have been a volunteer at the rescue they have been keeping their eyes open for a pony, but they have never found the perfect one until today. They absolutely fell in love with Jewel and are going to give her such a wonderful home. It’s a cute picture, but Jewel blinked. Oh well, that happens to people when you’re trying to take their picture too!

About this time Jason was now over 100 miles from the rescue at Tonka, Dolly, Cruiser and Brighty’s new home. Their new mommy is so excited and posed for their adoption picture in sets of two. First Brighty and Tonka got their picture taken…

…then Dolly and Cruiser had their turn.

Then they were let off the lead lines and they enjoyed trotting around the round pen before being let out into the pasture. They have a really beautiful home and their mommy promises to come down and volunteer sometime.

We would like to thank all of our supporters, without your help we could not rescue and place horses into loving, forever homes. We look forward to your help in our biggest effort ever.

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  1. I wish you better fortunes than the equine rescue I used to aid, which was in CT.

    EAST GRANBY, Conn. — Officials at Second Chance Ranch in East Granby, CT said a crippling increase in rent has thrown them into crisis mode.

    Officials said Tuesday that they thought the ranch, a sanctuary for rescued horses, had found a permanent home in East Granby.

    Now, they said, they’re looking for a new place because their rent was recently increased by 80 percent.
    more here:

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