That auction fund is currently at $125 out of the goal of $1,500. The auction is this Sunday, only a few days away. We’ve been so busy with the 12 horses we got the other day we haven’t been focusing on fundraising for the auction. It’s right around the corner! We are hoping to rescue around 5 horses as we still have a lot of horses at the rescue.

Mr Ed’s mommy came out today to adopt him and take him home. They were reunited once again, this time it is forever.

They were both full of smiles as they posed for their adoption photo.

While Mr Ed was being loaded, Tawnee put Noble in the round pen so she could play before she left for her new home.

Soon Mr Ed was in the trailer and heading off to his new adventure. Jason moved the truck and trailer into a nice loading area for Noble.

Soon she took her last look at the rescue before hopping into the trailer. She is such a beautiful girl. We were sad to see her go, but we are happy that she made a little girls day extra special.

It’s the little girls birthday today! What a wonderful birthday present. Noble is going to be pampered and loved on a lot.

On the way back to the rescue Jason saw the biggest sun dog he’s ever seen. Usually it’s just a small spot of color, but this time it just seemed to stretch out forever.

Tawnee worked on the website some more today. There are now directions to the rescue right on the contact page. It is still by appointment only during the weekdays, and it’s always best to call before you come out on a Sunday to make sure there isn’t an equine emergency that has called us away.

Tawnee also got the News page updated, it has a lot of really neat links to news articles and videos that have featured the rescue. It can be found on the left menu bar between the e-news sign up and the sponsors, on both the blog and the website. You can also click here to view the page!

We would like to thank the financial hero’s that donated today: Rebecca B, Jennifer F, Lee E and Sara H all donated today. We cannot possibly thank them enough!

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