A Story from the Other Side…

I stood in my pen waiting for my master to come feed me. I wondered if he would come and feed me, as some days he didn’t come… When my master came, I greeted him with a soft nicker.

But then he said “You worthless critter, I’m sick of having to mess with you, you’re going to the auction and I’m gon’a make some money on ya.” He led me over to the trailer and pulled me inside. Where am I going? I was scared. We left my home and drove down the road for what seemed to be eternity. Then the trailer stopped and my master led me out and over to some people standing in a corner. They handed my master a tag with numbers on it, and he glued it on my tail. He led me down a dark hallway and into a little pen. After announcing, “Good Riddance” he walked away. Why am I here? What is this awful place? Then I realized, it was one of a horse’s worst nightmares: a Livestock Auction. Why did my master bring me here? Is it because he doesn’t care where I go? Or is it because he doesn’t care about my life?

There are so many horses here, what will happen to us? Our future is unknown… Will a killer buyer buy me or if I’m lucky a horse trader that only cares about money? Is there any hope for me? Is there anyone who cares about me? And then I remember that there are good people out there, people that do care. And people that dedicate their lives rescuing horses. Oh, if only there was a horse rescue person here today.

I stood sadly in my pen, wondering what my future holds, when a nice lady walks up and rubs me gently on the neck. Could this be a horse rescue person? I started to relax and the lady says “Don’t worry, everything will be all right”. But then the nice lady walks away. Will I ever see that lady again? Please, come back and take me with you!

Time passes. All hope seems lost… A man comes and chases me out of that awful pen and down a dark hallway, until I abruptly stop in front of a big door.. On the other side of the door I hear a horse scream. What is on the other side of that door?

When the door opens, the rough man forces me to go through the door into a small pen. I see people everywhere and some are yelling and shouting. I am the only animal in the small pen, I wonder what happened to the other horse I heard. What is happening and why am I here?

I look around, and then I see the nice lady who said I shouldn’t worry. The lady is watching me and keeps raising her hand. Then another door opens, I don’t know where to go, so a rough woman hits me with a stick, pain fills my body, I must get out of here. I run out the open door, and then the rough man herds me into another pen. I wait as evening begins to come. What is happening? Why am I here? Then the nice lady appears and says “Your worries are over.” She puts a halter on me and leads me away from that awful place, whispering gently “It’s all ok now, you have been saved.”

A short story of those that have no voice,, written by, Tawnee Preisner – Vice President of NorCal Equine Rescue – 12-19-05
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