Shortly after the chores were done, Jason and Tawnee hit the road to the auction. Once again Jaime and Deb were taking care of the rescue and showing horses all day.

Becky, who generally accompanies Tawnee to the auction, was unable to make it today, so Jason stepped into help out. Tawnee was very happy because she just knew there was going to be a flat tire today, and she wasn’t‘ going to have to change it! Jason and Tawnee arrived at the auction right before the horses went through. They didn’t have time to pre-inspect the horses before the sale unfortunately. It was a fast paced auction, with over 50 horses there.

After the auction they headed out to find the 7 horses that were rescued. There were a lot of horses, and it took a long time to find the right horses with the right tags on them.

As Tawnee was searching for the horses, she was disgusted with the rotting sheep that has been laying for over a month, since last auction. Laying right there in one of the pens. The first time Tawnee saw it, there were other animals in the pen, alive, at least this time the pen was unoccupied.

Finally the horses were all found. Tawnee took pictures of each of them, please enjoy the pictures!
A skinny bay mare, older.

Old stallion.

Older gelding, whom we will call Uncle Bob.

A younger mare.

A bay mare, we’ve been to the sellers property once before, if you type “junk yard” into the blog search, it should pull it up. She might be bred as he used to own, or has, several stallions he let run wild with the herd…

A paint mare.

This guy came into the ring, and for the few seconds he was in there, Tawnee decided he looked familiar. She won the bid and he was rescued.

Tawnee was thinking it was this guy, but when Jason and Tawnee got back to the rescue the adopter was called. His adopter assured us that this boy is still with them, and receiving all the love and care he can handle. A sigh of relief went up from Tawnee, it was so wonderful hearing the adopters reassuring words.

Once all the horses were gathered, the halters and lead ropes were put on, it was time to take them to the loading area. We had a great volunteer drop in to help us, thank you so much Peggy, we enjoyed meeting you!

The horses had a short wait to make sure all their tag numbers matched the paperwork before being loaded.

Meanwhile, at the rescue, Jaime and Deb were getting lots of work done. Tawnee made a point this morning to tell them to take more pictures for the blog readers! They did a much better job, thank you Deb and Jaime for your outstanding work today. Lots of horses were adopted and went to their new homes.
Samba was adopted into her loving family. We are so excited to get her into such a great home. They are Paso people and know all about her breed.

Love and Hot Shot were also adopted today as pasture pals! As the economy gets worse, it is harder and harder to place pasture pals, that is, horses that cannot be ridden. We are so thankful these folks opened their hearts and homes to these two wonderful horses.

Kramer was also adopted today. His mommy was so excited to officially be his mommy.

This lady adopted Sugar, but somehow their adoption picture just wasn’t taken. They did help clean stalls and do what they
could to help out at the rescue before heading off on the long trip to their home.

Raja found her family today! Just look at all those happy people and that happy horse. Would that be “more bars in more places” or “more happy adopters in more places?” It sure looks like a cell phone advertisement doesn’t it?

Tawnee and Jason were on the road back to the rescue when they made a quick stop to grab some food. They were feeling really famished after the long hot day. They hadn’t sat down but a few minutes when some very familiar faces walked in. Some people that buy trailer loads of horses every month since at least 2003 at auctions all over the place walked in to eat too… When you leave the auction yard you like to think you left it behind. This time it followed them!

When they left they looked at the horses in the trailer. Like this poor black and white gelding with a bad knee. What is going to happen to him?

Finally Jason and Tawnee were back at the rescue and the horses were being unloaded. The old mare has such an old, feeble look to her, it’s so sad that she had to go through an auction ordeal today. Tawnee was happy, yet disapointed, that there were no flat tires today. For sure next time she is out by herself there will be one…

It was wonderful getting the horses all settled, letting them munch on yummy food and drink clean water. They’re all settled in for their first night at the rescue.

We would like to thank all those that pulled together at the last minute to make the auction rescue a reality. Without your support, these horses would not be at the rescue this evening. A huge THANK YOU! for making today’s rescue possible. Valerie M – Lari K. – Norma C. – Carla G. – Erin A. – Carrie S. – Lydia H. – Laura P. – Lee E. – Donna A. – Katherine O. – Dee M. – Sara H. all donated over the weekend.
We would also like to thank Deb and Jaime again for their tireless work at the rescue today. They were dirty, grimy and very tired by the time Jason and Tawnee got back to the rescue this evening. We could tell they weren’t sitting in the swing by the swamp cooler all day. Thanks again for your hard work.

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  1. i know the adopter told you that they still have the horse they adopted but that has to be the same horse! the mane flops over exactly the same on the withers, the blaze on his face comes to points at the exact same place at his jaw bone and forelock and same with his white socks on both hind feet…i bet if you went to their house they wouldnt have the horse they adopted from you!

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