This morning Macho Man had a bath and was drying for the days events. You could see it in his face “What was happening now?” He loves going out, and it’s neat to see him getting excited to see what the day holds.

Soon he was ready to go and he was looking into the trailer, trying to figure out how to get in this time… It’s such a big jump for the little guy, it got to the point where Jason and Tawnee have to pick up his front legs and then his back legs.

Then they were off to Sacramento.

Macho Man had some shopping to do before the main event of the day happened. They headed to the mall.

You can probably guess where they were going, Build a Bear. People couldn’t believe their eyes that a horse was really in the mall, but Build a Bear asked us to bring him in, they just couldn’t believe that their shoes fit him.

In no time at all they were walking into Build a Bear.

The staff of Build a Bear are always in disbelief when we buy shoes for the mini’s, but this time they got to see it in real life. They were just overjoyed to see him. Shortly after we got him into Build a Bear mall security showed up and asked us to leave ASAP as “normally only service animals are allowed in the mall.”

Macho Man of course had to check out their large assortment of shoes. He’s dreaming of a closet full of shoes…

The assistant manager, who was on a conference call, couldn’t believe it when one of the lady’s went back and told him there was a horse in the store. He couldn’t get off the phone, so Macho Man was brought to him. Shortly after this picture was taken, Macho walked over to his cup of soda and knocked it over on him, causing the conference call to end quickly. He won’t ever forget the cute little horse!

When it was time to say “Goodbye” Macho took a quick look at the build a pony, a horse that is smaller than him. Was it real? No, just stuffed.

Macho hadn’t gotten shopping out of his system yet so it was off to Petco.

Macho Man is sick and tired of having to be lifted into the trailer to get in, and then jumping out on his short little legs. He made a request that we buy a ramp for him. We found one that met his approval and he almost cracked a smile at the thought of using it.

Back at the trailer the ramp was set up. Macho inspected it carefully to make sure it would hold him up.

Sure enough, it worked perfectly!

It’s amazing how quickly Macho Man caught on to using the ramp. He is so excited to use it now, and he looked at Jason and Tawnee as if to say “You finally got the right idea.”

For lunch Macho Man enjoyed sipping on a soda before admiring crowds.

Macho Man also attracted Still Time band. They all came piling out of their touring van, they couldn’t believe their eyes to see such a little horse wearing tennis shoes outside the restaurant. They gave Jason and Tawnee a couple CD’s of their music. Click here to see their website.

Then it was off to the main days events, the reason they went to Sacramento today. The Sacramento Horsemen’s Association asked Jason and Tawnee to do a presentation / speech at their dinner.

They got the table set up and people began enjoying looking at the display.

Macho Man was ready to go, this was his first official day of fundraising for a new facility. He had his shirt on with all the buttons pinned on.

Soon everyone had eaten and Jason and Tawnee spoke for a few minutes. Click here to watch the speech on YouTube! Thank you so much Sacramento Horsemen’s Association for passing the hat and your generous donations! $231 was raised at the dinner for the new facility, thank you so much!

The battery on the camera died, but they all made it back safely to the rescue late at night.

Thank you Danielle S and Donna A for your generous donations today! We greatly appreciate your support.

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