The euthanasia clinic, which is only 1 week away (Wednesday the 22nd) really needs your help! We have raised $300 towards the goal of $2,500 to help horses in need pass on gently, with love and compassion. Please donate if you can, click here. It is vitally important to keep these clinics going, to help prevent horses from experiencing the cruel ending that happens if they fall into the slaughter pipeline.

This morning we got an urgent call from an animal control in a neighbouring county that they needed some assistance. We were told that there were some equine abandoned on the road that some people had put in their weekend cabin fenced area. Animal Control was asking if we could care for the horses for a short time to see if their owner could be found. Jason and Tawnee hooked up the trailer and headed out to help out how they could.

Jason and Tawnee arrived first, and waited just a few minutes before the first Animal Control car showed up.

Much to Animal Control’s horror, the equines were just, simply, gone. Nowhere to be found. They had visited them the night before, locked them in the weekend cabin people’s horse barn, and they fully expected the horses to be there. The front gate was padlocked, where did they go?

There was nothing we could do to help them, so we left Yuba County Animal Control to do the investigation to find out where they went and who took them.

We sent out an email this morning about the Horses on the Hill campaign. The campaign encourages people to call their elected representatives and senators in Congress and urge them to support H.R. 503 and S. 727, the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act. This is a great opportunity to let your voices be heard and let congress know that we want the borders closed immediately, and all horses be safe from slaughter. Be the voice for those that have no voice: horses.

You should be able to get updated reports from Washington by reading Cathy’s blog. She is in Washington, urging congress to pass this important legislation. Click here to read her blog.

The Humane Society of the United States has some very good articles explaining why horse slaughter needs to stop, and what the solution is. Click here to read about Humane Horse Care in Hard Times.

And click here to read about how to be a responsible horse owner in these tough economical times. If you are unable to keep your beloved friend, they have a lot of good pointers on how to place your horse where it will be safe.

While doing research on the HSUS website, Tawnee also discovered a page about humane horse disposal options. It talks about euthanasia and disposal programs for all of the United States. We’ve gotten so many questions about euthanasia programs and what happens after the horse is euthanized, this page can answer a lot of those questions. This would be a wonderful page if you are a rescue, Animal Control, or any other organization and are interested in starting a euthanasia program. Click here to read it!

We would like to thank Iris L. and Gail G. for donating today! Your support is greatly appreciated, we certainly could not rescue as we do without your support.
It was nice to finally have a day that was not jam packed with one high energy activity after another. It sure doesn’t look like that for tomorrow…

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