Today was spent doing a lot of absolutely necessary office work. Tawnee spent the day sorting through the horse pictures, matching names and descriptions to horses, all for the Ritchie estate horses. It was all a lengthy process, but it was finally finished late this afternoon. They are all on Petfinder now, you are more than welcome to view them, click here, or just keep reading below.

The following horses are the ones we went to see yesterday, they desperately need homes. If you are willing and able, please consider giving one of these sweet horses a forever home. Their adoption fees are currently from $0 – $500. The adoption fees for these horses are going to the estate, we do not set the adoption fees for the Ritchie estate horses. Our goal is to find these horses homes, we certainly will not be benefiting financially. We are extremely thrilled that Nevada county has taken the adoption route, as many county’s just auction them off to the highest bidder, or even just take them to a livestock auction, jeopardising the life of the horses. They are willing to take the time and effort to hopefully find these horses homes, we need you to take a little time and effort to spread the word to help find these horses homes as well. The horses names are linked, click on the link for a little more information on that horse. The pictures do not link to any information, just the names.



Dun Deal



Lil Big Red

Pay Day




Royal Candy and Star



We are finally implementing the change to the adoption process that was voted into place by the board of directors at the last board meeting. There is now a $25 adoption application fee, which must be paid before filling out the adoption application. When you fill out the adoption application, the password will be emailed automatically to you. Jason spent practically the entire day, when he wasn’t feeding, grooming, cleaning and re-arranging panels, implementing the password protected application. Please, if you are a proofreader, read through our adoption application and available page, there are no doubt some grammatical errors we missed! The adoption hold is still $50, it does not go towards processing the application, it only holds the horse for 1 week after your application is approved.

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, the euthanasia clinic is right around the corner and there are more needy horses signed up than there are funds to cover. Please help if you can! Click here.

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