We have some very exciting news to share today! The Arabian Horse Foundation has contacted us about a grant to help with a euthanasia clinic and educating other rescues about starting their own euthanasia clinic’s. Today the grant arrived for $2,500.

$500 of the grant will be used for this months euthanasia clinic, the additional funds will be used to produce booklets to send out to other rescues across the United States on how to start euthanasia clinics, to help keep horses out of the slaughter pipeline. This is a very exciting opportunity to help educate other rescues on how to prevent horse cruelty and slaughter.

The euthanasia clinic can certainly still use your financial support, it is currently at $1445 with only a few more days! Click here to donate. We would like to thank the Arabian Horse Foundation for making the grant, hopefully they will be the seed that starts all registry’s and horse associations funding euthanasia clinics.

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