Thanks to some generous donations that came in over the weekend, there is now less than $1,000 left to go towards the goal of $2,500 for this months euthanasia clinic! Together we can make it happen.

Two horses came into the rescue today, this guy is a very nicely trained easy going gelding. He did have his left eye removed due to an accident this April. He seems to be well adjusted. He has done a lot of activities since then. He seems like a really sweet boy. He is in his late teens.

This is the other horse that came in today. She is a nice mare, but seems to have some neck issues. She seems sweet, we’ll have our vet evaluate what is going on with her neck to determine her quality of life.

The big yellow trailer has some big plans in its future. Since no one seems to want a nasty old living quarter horse trailer that weighs 10,000 lbs empty that bashes out rear windows while being pulled, we are going to tear it down and make a flatbed hay trailer out of it. Today, despite the 107 degrees, the demolition began.

One of the volunteers jumped right in, and soon it was being torn down at rapid speed. Soon it was gutted and all that remained was to cut the walls off the frame.

It was a rather slow day, there were not very many people willing to come out and risk heat stroke visiting the horses. Potential adopters did come and go throughout the day, and no one fainted away from the heat.

Tawnee tried to beat the heat by soaking her head repeatedly. It was just extra special hot today!

Meanwhile the trailer was still being cut down. It’s a long, hot slow process, and it unfortunately wasn’t finished today. It is well over half done, so hopefully soon!

As evening came, you could see that the horses were happy that the sun was beginning to head over the hill. Horse are such majestic and beautiful animals.

We would like to thank Lisa S. – Amy T. – Suzanne F. – Jennifer H. – Charlotte K. for donating this weekend. Their generous donations really mean a lot!

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