Thank you for your donations for the euthanasia clinic, Tuesday is the last day for fundraising, please give what you can! Click here. It is very important to keep the clinics free, now more than ever we are getting the desperate calls: “Please help my old horse, I have no other options!”

April and Larry came out this morning to learn the feeding and watering routine. They are going to be care taking the horses while Jason and Tawnee are out fundraising for a new facility. Eeyore was a great boy, as usual, getting his eye medicine.

Larry had no trouble catching on to the feeding routine, it’s no doubt just about the same as feeding his own horses, just a whole lot more of them.

The morning chores were finally getting wrapped up, and all the horses were happy.

Jason and Tawnee hit the road after all the horses at the rescue were taken care of.

They headed to a car lot to look at a big van. It was one they had test drove last week. After sleeping on it for awhile, and some long discussions, they decided to get themselves in a little more personal debt for the good of the rescue. This fundraising adventure is impossible unless Macho Man can get out there and meet a lot of nice people.

Jason test drove the van once again, and it was deemed road worthy. It was decided this van would be the “mini”-van. Yes it’s quite large, but it’s for the mini’s, so it is also a mini-van.

The negotiations were done, the price was settled on and the paperwork was signed.

We would like to thank Outlet 4 Cars for giving Jason and Tawnee almost $2,000 off the asking price, and over $3500 off of the Blue Book value. They are also the first advertising sponsor on the side of the van. When the van is body wrapped with Dottie and Macho Man, their logo will be in there too.

Soon it was all done and Jason and Tawnee were ready to head back to the rescue. After a quick picture they were on the road. Everyone at the rescue is very excited that the rescue will now have use of this van thanks to the generosity of Jason and Tawnee.

Tawnee drove the van home and followed Jason. She was a little amused about following the truck, she normally doesn’t get this view. Notice the little grooming tote floating in the air, ready to be grabbed at a moments notice if there is a horse that needs a makeover. In reality, it’s Macho Man’s grooming kit sitting on a tub of tools.

We would like to thank Kathryn G. – Encata E. – Jan S. – for their generous donations today. Your support of the euthanasia clinic and hay is greatly appreciated!

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