The euthanasia clinic is tomorrow! We are only short $775, if everyone that reads this donates 50 cents we would more than cover it. Please give what you can, it’s the last chance to donate to this months clinic, click here.

This morning Jason rushed off to an auction far away about the time the sun was peaking up over the horizon, leaving Tawnee with a long list of chores to do in addition to her own.

Just about the time Tawnee was getting on the 4 wheeler to feed, April and Larry showed up to lend a helping hand. Thanks so much for making the morning chores easier, many hands certainly do make light work.

After the feeding and chores were done, Tawnee headed out to the Gridley pasture. Everyone there seems to be doing great and are quite happy.

From there it was back to the rescue to get Uncle Bob, rescued at the last auction, ready to depart for his new home. He looked at Tawnee with his adorable face, asking “What’s happening now?”

He was so excited to get into the trailer, he even tried to get in before the door was opened.

Soon he was in and they headed off to his new home. When Tawnee was leaving the rescue, she closed the gate and as she was closing it, she could see him looking back at her, then he softly nickered several times. It was almost as if he wanted a little reassurance that everything was going to be ok and that his troubles were over. It was so sweet.

Finally he arrived at his new mommy’s home. She was so excited to get him and is just tickled pink. She wanted to get another horse for herself and a companion for her older lonely Thoroughbred. Now she’ll have 2 older off the track TB’s. They can sit there and talk about their racing days together.

Uncle Bob wanted to make sure the adoption papers were filled out correctly and that it really was his name on the paper.

When Tawnee left, Uncle Bob and his new buddy were sharing lunch together. They got along great right from the start and will be lifelong buddies.

Then Tawnee was on the road once again. Tawnee was feeling a little ragged by now, she seemed to be on the road all day long with a truck load of kids. She drove over 150 miles today, in addition to loading and unloading horses and everything else.

Tawnee went back to the rescue and picked up paperwork for her final stop of the day.

She arrived at a pickup for a horse that is going to the clinic tomorrow. They had been reported to Animal Control multiple times and were now no longer able to keep the horse they had owned for over 20 years. The horse is a sweet old senior, over 30 years old. They said their only other option would have been the livestock auction if the clinic wasn’t free. Yet another reason why the euthanasia clinics must stay free and easily accessible to the public.

Tawnee was more than happy to be heading back to the rescue for the last time of the day.

Back at the rescue, Deb and Jaime were evaluating horses and taking some of the other horses for rides. It was definitely a beautiful evening, but still somewhat hot and very dusty.

The first shipment of 5,000 buttons is being produced and should be ready for fundraising very soon. The producers are great to work with, they sent us this photo of some of the buttons that were made today. They are based locally so we will be able to save a lot on shipping costs. As soon as we have them in hand we will be taking orders.

A big thank you goes to: Shari W. – Gail G. – Omar S. – Rosemary V. – Lari K. – Summer E. They all donated today, we cannot possibly thank them enough.

Jason’s auction trip? Complete failure although he did get 2 semi-trash water pumps. He didn’t see any killer buyers, but then again, it was an equipment auction instead of a livestock auction. Everyone else had more money than his budget allowed. He went to hopefully get some cheap water storage, but it all cost too much money. It is always nice to have a day off and do something completely different and out of the ordinary.

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