Today was the euthanasia clinic, first of all, thank you so much everyone that donated today for the clinic. With your help this clinic was fully funded, we cannot possibly thank you enough. April and Larry wanted to help out at the clinic today, so they set up a canopy and the banner with a sign-in area for the horse owners.

The booth was definitely a nice addition to the clinic and we are hoping to continue it next time. It was also great for the volunteers to have a place to be in shade.

The donation can became a fly trap. We never knew that flies were attracted to money, but this little guy crawled into the can, and got stuck.

April loved on this sweet mare for a long time today. She is an old mare, over 35 years old, and her feet just can’t hold her up anymore. Every step is agony.

We had a lot of people planning on bringing horses to the clinic today. People called Jason at the office saying they were on their way. In the end only 3 horses were brought into the clinic this month, leaving a balance of $2,000 to be carried over to the next months clinic. We’re not sure what happened to those that called to confirm this morning, but maybe they had some bad luck like we did? Of course NorCal’s trailer got a flat tire today. It seems that we are cursed with an overabundance of flat tires.

Phoenix is still on the road to recovery. He is a really beautiful boy and enjoys being outside where he can wander around. Tawnee and April took him into the barn and took off his fly sheet.

Tawnee hadn’t seen Phoenix for awhile, but was so surprised with a little bit of a bulging muscle developing on his front shoulder. Tawnee just had to feel and squeeze it for awhile to make sure it was really there. It’s still soft and flabby, but he’s actually developing muscle.

On May 5th, Phoenix was rescued. He was in terrible condition, if you missed his story, click here.
Today he is still thin, his topline still has a long ways to go, but he is definitely still filling out. It’s a long slow process, but there was nothing left of him when his recovery started.

The following pictures will help you get an idea on his weight gain. This is Phoenix he was rescued.

On June 8th this photo was taken. Still a large gap between his legs and no muscle on his rump. Definitely gaining weight here though!

And this is today. The gap between his legs has continued to fill in and he has more muscle tone.

We are still very pleased with the progress Phoenix is making. He definitely has a long way to go, but he will get there! We celebrate with him at every step along his journey to complete recovery.

We have started the fundraising for the low cost gelding clinic. Let’s all band together to give a bunch of stallions and colts “brain surgery.” November is when the gelding program starts up, and we are hoping to have all the funds raised before hand so we can issue gelding certificates.

We would really like to thank everyone that pitched in and donated what they could to help today. As the economy goes down, it gets harder and harder to find a few spares dollar to help horses. Those pitching in even $3 today really made a huge difference. Once again, THANK YOU! It’s people like you that make our rescue possible.
All these wonderful, generous people donated today: Lisa T. – Jean S. – Jen S. – Nancy H. – Judith B. – Tina S. – Heather R. – Tabitha T. – Susan P. – Sara H. – Cindy M. – Pamela N. – Elin K. – Pamela G. – Peggy L. – Linda M. – Jacquelyn W. – Carla G. – Laura B. – Cynthia S. – Valerie M. – Cathleen D. – Stephanie D. – Jessica B. – Suzanne M. – Caroline R.

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