This morning a new batch of fly predators were released. They came in the mail yesterday, and they were already starting to hatch, so they needed to be released ASAP.

Soon the little guys were on the prowl for some fly larvae. Hopefully they can eat a bunch very soon! Do fly predators work? This year the flies don’t seem as bad around the rescue as last year, despite other horse owners complaining about how bad it is at their place.

Tawnee headed out early this morning. Today was the day to say goodbye to the horses at the clinic. It’s always a really hard day, but we have to look at the big picture, knowing that these horses could have been slaughtered cruelly.
On a brighter note, James, a barefoot trimmer that comes out to the rescue, decided to adopt Button. It’s always really exciting to see a young foal get adopted. There are so many young horses flooding the auctions. People bred them, and now they don’t want them, and no one else does either, so they head off to a fate worse than slaughter: horse tripping at Mexican rodeos. These poor little horses, being used to practice tripping on. It makes everyone at the rescue very excited when a baby gets adopted, and today it was Button’s turn.

James also adopted Dodger. It is so great that Dodger and Button will have such a good home, and no doubt they will be trimmed on a regular basis. Jessie also came out to meet the new adoptee’s with James. It was really great seeing her again. She’s been absent from volunteering due to family health issues, but it was really great to see her again.

Midge was taken to the vet for yet another lameness examination. There is something definitely wrong, but we can’t pinpoint what it is. Hopefully our vet can figure out what it is, and hopefully it is fixable.

Deb came out this evening to evaluate and work with the horses. We cannot possibly thank her enough for taking the time out of her busy life to spend time with the rescued horses.

We got our first batch of the buttons, we now have 600 in our possession. If you would like to buy some, please let us know! You really should consider buying 50 or so (at $2 each) and sell them to your friends or give them away for presents. Since the buttons are made locally, we get them in small orders as they are made. We are really excited to get this fundraiser kicked off. Once again, if you are interested in helping us, please contact us by clicking here!

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