It was quite a busy Sunday, nice and warm with a gentle breeze blowing at times. One of the first projects that was worked on this morning was the big yellow trailer coming apart. The goal is to have a functioning flatbed hay trailer in the end. The last couple weeks have been spent sawing hacking and prying the top loose from the deck. Today it was hooked up to a truck, pulled almost over…

…and the top fell off.

All the hard work is starting to pay off. The deck is cleared, ready for re-enforcement and then it’s ready for use.

We had a lot of horses get adopted today. First of all Travis’ potential adopter came out to visit him.

Sure enough, they fell in love and his adoption papers were signed.

Soon Travis was loaded up and on his way to his new loving home.

As a precaution against spinning out and maybe getting stuck, Larry towed them up the hill with his truck. It really makes us wish for a new facility, one where adopters can easily haul their new family member home from.

Martha and Eeyore met their new family today. It was certainly love at first sight, which with them it’s impossible not to love them immediately!

We have absolutely loved having Martha and Eeyore here at the rescue. We were all so sad to see them go. They were so loving, sweet and kind. Their new family has a lot of love to share with them, and we know they will be very well cared for and loved on every single day.

A couple very beautiful horses were surrendered today. He is already in adoption pending to a repeat adopter who was visiting today.

This beautiful boy came in today, and is also in adoption pending. He was in our rescue before, but his owners are moving over seas and they made the best choice possible and brought him back to the rescue. It was very hard saying goodbye to their two beautiful boys, but they knew it was the best thing to do.
Juno’s adoptive family came out and adopted him and Promise. Thank you guys so much for giving these two precious horses a loving home. We are so excited that Juno will have a pond to play in, he just loves playing in water too much.

Deb was out working in the hot sun again today all day long. She showed horses, evaluated and gave it her all. Thank you Deb, Larry, April, Jaime, Rob and Jason for all your super hard work today! Tawnee? She was sick in bed. She’s been sick since Friday, she’ll get well soon we hope.

We would like to thank the following generous people who contributed to the rescue over the weekend: Karen H. – Sara H. – Constance W. – Chris P. – Scott C. – Michelle E. Thank you so very much! You can see your name here tomorrow, click here.

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