This morning Jason headed to town to get parts for the water truck. The list of needed parts was very small, so he was back in short order.

After Jason arrived back at the rescue Tawnee headed to the vet to pick up a couple horses we had out there that were ready to come back to the rescue. On the way she stopped at some property that is for sale that is relatively close to the vet. It is nice, but it is pretty much bare. It has 2 big barns on it used for agriculture. Everything else would have to be from scratch.

It has cell service, on the paved road, and lots of naturally occurring water. This pretty creek is on the property and is flowing really good. We have no idea if this property is a good place for NorCal or not, but it is always good to check areas out that may be a possibility. This 30+ acre property does have the 3 top priorities: high speed Internet, on a paved road, and lots of water.

After Tawnee was done drooling over the property, she headed to the vet. Midge greeted her happily and was more than willing to hop into the trailer for the ride back to the rescue. We’re hoping we can get to the bottom of his problems soon.

This girl, Ginger, had her teethe floated and hopefully she can start gaining weight. She was able to come back to the rescue today as well. She came from the last auction and has a long way to go. She’s an older mare and we’re hoping that her life takes a brighter turn.

Finally everyone was loaded and Tawnee was ready to head out.

A few miles from the vet she noticed that there was a low tire on the trailer. It looked like it was getting lower too. She stopped, and couldn’t hear any air coming out, so she decided not to change it but rather find air at a gas station. You would think it would be easy to get air at a gas station. But no, not today. First she had to find 75 cents. After digging around she finally found a dollar. She went inside the store to tell them she needed some air and to exchange the dollar for some quarters. She went out to the machine and tried to stick the money in. The machine was very ungrateful and didn’t want to accept her money. She peered in through the coin slot and saw other money jammed in there. Apparently the machine was not hungry.
Tawnee went back into the gas station and said that the air machine was not working. The person said “No problem, I’ll turn it right on for you.” Tawnee headed back out and waited a bit, and sure enough, it came right on. It wouldn’t take any money, but at least it was filling up the tire.

Back at the rescue Deb was evaluating one of the horses, Holiday. When it came time to tighten the cinch on the saddle, Holiday leaped into the air and reared. After they were able to calm her down and let her know everything was ok, they took the saddle off. They put the saddle against the panels on the round pen. Holiday went over and started shoving the saddle around like she was fed up with saddles and never wanted to see one again. After her temper tantrum she calmed off by taking a nice long roll.

Meanwhile Jason was still working on the water truck. He did get it started and running under its own power, now it just needs to get some bugs worked out and it’ll be ready to haul some water!

Tawnee took a nice gentle stroll up the hill on I’m Not Teasin‘ as the sun was setting. Mostly because she didn’t feel like leading him all the way up to his pen and it was easier to hop on his back. She’s almost recovered from being sick but still doesn’t have a lot of extra energy. Teasin‘ first came into our rescue 900 horses ago. We are always more than happy to open our doors to one of our horses if their adoptive family is no longer able to keep them.

The sun was dropping below the trees, signifying another long, hot day was drawing to a close.

We would like to thank Gail G. and Jenn F. for donating today. Your generosity is awesome!

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