We know you are sick and tired of hearing about flat tires. So are we. The tires are in good condition, there are just a lot of nails on the dirt road that like to poke into tires. The tire that was low in yesterdays blog was completely flat this morning, so Jason got right to work and got it changed out to the spare.

Deb came down this morning, hooked her truck up to the trailer and off she and Tawnee went. Somebody had emailed us a horse ad that was very concerning. It was one of our horses that had been adopted out and the ad read: “Selling as brood mare. Do not know anything about this horse is a repo of a loan. Do not have any interest in riding her have gaited horses. She is a great deal at 800. 15 hand black bs mare with white blaze with black erbon spots and right rear fetlock. Great bloodlines and confirmation is broke to ride but has not been ridden for a while. Would need refresher course for the trails. Good for experienced rider only or brood mare, had loud overo black and white foal last year, thining my herd will trade for 2 horse trailer or gaited horse.” Tawnee was horrified when she read the ad. A repo? The person didn’t know anything about the horse? Something terribly wrong must have happened. She scrolled down on the ad to see the contact information and sure enough, it was the adopters name and phone #. What did she mean she didn’t know anything about the horse? A anonymous phone call was made to find out what was going on. The adopter claimed that she got the horse from a sale, yes it was a repo. It was a twisted story and didn’t make much sense. But she would make a great broodmare. There are way to many horses out there to just breed indiscriminately. Arrangements were made in the phone call to go see the horse.

When Tawnee and Deb arrived, the lady was definitely surprised to see them. She said we could just have her and to go get her. Soon Checkers was in the trailer and on her way to the rescue. Any horse that is adopted from us is welcome to come back at any time. If the horse isn’t working out, or you find that you don’t have time for it, just bring it back!

It was a long drive heading back to rescue, it was very hot. Tawnee and Deb saw a beautiful river alongside the road, so they pulled over for a quick cool-off stop.

And splash, Deb jumped in clothes and all.

Tawnee was more reluctant, she hates wet jeans, but in the end Deb threatened to throw her in, so she mustered up the courage to brave the icy water.

Once they were on the road again they headed to Dancer’s foster home. She is a beautiful girl and unrecognizable from the skeleton that walked into our rescue last year. We have a potential adopter interested in her so it was time for her to come back to the rescue.

Meanwhile at the rescue, hay was being delivered! This time it was only $7.50 a bale, with a $20 delivery charge. Can it get cheaper this year? Probably not. It is so wonderful that hay is getting reasonable once again.

Home at Last Sanctuary had a couple openings, so they came down to the rescue. They really like Midge and he has now found his forever home where he will never have to be ridden or any other demands put upon him that he is not physically capable of performing.

They also took Sweety Pie into their sanctuary as well. She is going to be buddies with Ranger, so they will have their own teenage gang up there. Thank you so much Home at Last for opening your doors to these two special horses.

Deb and Tawnee arrived back at the rescue safely this evening. The horses seemed happy to be back at the rescue and settled in nicely.

Jason has been working very diligently on the truck and today he drove it around the rescue for awhile. It is almost road worthy and should be hauling water this week. He got the water pump mounted on the side and only a new gas cap, air filter bolt and hoses remain to be installed. It is rolling on its own wheels though.

Thank you so much Taryn M. and anonymous for your monthly donations that came in today. Your support is greatly appreciated, we certainly can not do it without your help!

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