This is the first time we have ever gone fishing at the rescue. Cleo the Mule certainly didn’t need a 110 gallon trough in her pen, so it was dumped out and replaced with a much smaller trough. Unfortunately some fish also got dumped out, so Jason, despite his flu and fever, spent about half a hour catching fish and putting them in the trough. Jessie also came out and joined in on the fish rescue. It’s nice that Tawnee is well, but she gave the flu to Jason.

After the fish were safe, Jessie and her friend wanted to help out wherever they could. They helped with fencing and helped take adoption photo’s by getting horses to pose. This is Juliet, the Mustang mare who had lost her foal, the one that was looking longingly at the gate when we rescued her from the kb. If you missed her rescue story, click here. She is a nine year old, and is probably around 13 hands or less. She leads, but still needs some direction in that area. She is certainly very cute!

Jessie’s brought her friend Janice out to the rescue, she is a long time blog reader and really enjoyed visiting. She has a lot of history in animal rescue and loves to keep up with what is happening out here.

Tawnee asked them if they would like to share in the special moment of Prince’s first bath. They were both tickled pink to be able to join in this moment.

Prince wasn’t too wild about the whole situation, but he finally got used to the new sensation and his first bath was completed shortly after this photo was taken.

Tawnee had to head off to the vet as there was two horses that were brought in for the euthanasia clinic late. One of them was brought to the rescue, the poor old gelding with cancer and laminitis. The other one was dropped off at the vet yesterday, she was 27 years old and had lived a wonderful life with her owner for over 20 years. Her owner told us she knew it was time. It’s always hard saying goodbye to these horses, but knowing that their suffering is over is so comforting.

After the vet Tawnee went shopping for Macho Man. There were some items he just has to have for his big adventure. Between Tractor Supply and Wal Mart we hope we have everything he needs for his first road trip.

We would like to thank Nancy P for her extremely generous donation today. Thank you for donating to save lives Nancy!

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