Today was a busy Sunday, thankfully it wasn’t too hot but was a quite comfortable temperature. Tawnee showed horses almost all day, Deb took the day off, Jaime came out to help in the afternoon and Jason got Macho Man’s ride ready.

After Teasin‘ was showed to potential adopters, he enjoyed a nice roll in the soft sand of the round pen.

Macho Man had quite a thorough grooming in preparation of the biggest adventure of his life yet. Here he is just finishing up his bath.

Tawnee was selling buttons at the rescue today and this girl bought 10 of them! She plans to keep one for herself and sell the others. What a great way to help the rescue!

Jason and Tawnee were getting ready to head out while the volunteers were still hard at work. Jason and Tawnee are positive that the rescue is in great hands while they are out and about. NorCal has a great group of volunteers and we cannot thank them for cartaking enough.

These are just some of the buttons that Macho Man is wanting to sell on this trip. His goal, as you know, is the sell 500,000 this summer to help purchase a new facility for the rescue.

Macho Man’s portable stall was installed in the back of the van, along with a water bucket, feed bucket and a salt block to play with.

Macho Man walked right up the ramp and into the his waiting mobile palace.

He got right to work on his treats, he really loves it! He has air conditioning, a stereo and big windows to watch the world go by.

For once, Jason got the view of being pulled up the hill today. The van isn’t 4wd, and as the trailer is going along for part of the ride (they are transporting a horse on the way back) they weren’t sure if they would make it up the hill. Rob was nice enough to hook up and make sure they didn’t have any trouble.

And there they are, heading out to southern Ca!

Macho Man is certainly wide eyed as he rides along in the van.

Macho Man’s schedule is as follows. Monday, mostly he will be riding in the van but he is planning on visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Tuesday, in San Diego, is as follows: Dog Beach from 9:00 am – 11:00 am, Horton Plaza from 11:30 – 4:00 pm and then Crystal Pier from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Wednesday Macho is planning on being at an upcoming rescue early in the morning, then visiting various places during the day. Thursday morning Macho Man will be visiting the Toby Wells YMCA and then beginning the tre
k back north.
The blog this week will follow Macho Man’s adventures, some may be short, some may be long, but they will certainly be fun! Wish the little guy a lot of luck this trip! So far he is doing very well and is loving the trip.
Thank you so much Cindy R, Cindy M, Laura D and Lorrie R for donating this weekend! We really appreciate your continued, generous support.

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