Macho Man’s adventures continued today. He didn’t do any major fundraising today as everything that could go slowly went even slower. On one of his many leg stretching exercise runs he came across a bright red curb he just had to investigate. Perhaps he has never seen a bright red curb before.

He did spend a few minutes in front of a shopping center selling buttons and managed to sell 7 in the few minutes he was out there! He really enjoyed the green grass, he really didn’t pay much attention to the adoring fans other than to ask them for a treat.

Mostly the day was just spent on the road. Most of the way was light traffic.

But once they got into LA there was stop and go traffic.
Macho Man enjoyed driving past Hollywood and pretending he was a movie star… He tried to remind Jason and Tawnee that they promised he would be able to walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but unfortunately the clock simply did not allow that today.

One of Macho Man’s highlights of the day was stopping at Ride Your Horse! therapeutic riding program. He really enjoyed getting out and stretching his legs, visiting other horses, and being loved on.

Ride Your Horse! is where we adopted Mya to Star during the Animal Planet filming of the Petfinder TV show. It was really great to see Darlene and Mya once again. Mya is doing absolutely fabulously, this is definitely a match made in heaven.

Late into the night Macho Man’s adventure continues.

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