This morning Macho Man got ready for his big day nice and early. His mane and tail were unbraided and he got some new shoes on.

Into the waiting van he walked, happy as could be.

His first stop was at Dog Beach. He wasn’t very sure about the waves, but he certainly enjoyed walking around on the nice soft sand.

Thanks to the Animal Protection and Rescue League’s hard work at sending out a press release, the news media started showing up to film Macho Man. Click here to visit APRL’s website. We would like to thank Christina at the APRL for working so hard and getting so much media out today.

First was a live news cast with KUSI, and then other TV stations started showing up for taping to broadcast later in the day.

For awhile Macho Man was really feeling like he was a movie star with so many camera’s pointed at him. There were 5 TV stations and 1 newspaper that documented Macho’s adventures this morning.

We haven’t had time to find them all online yet, but please enjoy the following news clip. Click here or click the picture below.

From the beach Macho Man visited a shopping center plaza and downtown San Diego. People just couldn’t help but stop and take a picture of the cutest little horse in San Diego.

Macho Man brought a lot of joy to a lot of people’s lives today such as in the case of this young man. You could just see his face light up with joy at the presence of Macho Man, who so gently nuzzled him.

Macho Man even found a giant of a friend to pose next to.

Macho Man drew crowds wherever he went and a lot of buttons found their forever homes today.

The day was very successful with many donations towards the new facility. In the end about 150 buttons found their homes. It left a nice pail of donations that are going towards the new facility!

We would like to thank everyone that donated today, and especially to Janet for your extremely generous donation! We will be catching up on all the individuals that donated through our website when Jason and Tawnee get back to the office, probably for Sunday’s blog.

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