This morning Macho Man started his day off by visiting a very busy office, where he has some friends. First he recieved a giant donation jug with Phoenix’s picture on the front, it contained $167! Thank you guys so very very much.

Macho Man was also presented with a couple bottles of special stuff inside. It’s natural fly control spray and feed through. This is a very new company, we are hoping they do very well.

They also became a sponsor on the side of the van, we cannot thank them enough for their generosity. Click here to check out their fantastic items.

From there Jason and Tawnee met up with some folks who visited the rescue last year and have been supporters ever since. They have purchased almost 300 acres, an old TB breeding / training farm with a vet clinic on site, and are currently building new barns, fencing and new irrigation in preparation for starting a rescue / sanctuary for horses in the fall. It is a very beautiful facility and we expect amazing things in the coming years. After touring the facility they joined Macho Man on his adventures today. Lynn, seen below with Macho Man, was A+ on the button sales! She really put her whole heart into it.

Macho Man wanted to go shopping for new shoes, so into Build a Bear he went. The manager was extremely surprised that a miniature horse wanted to buy some shoes, but she worked hard to fit him up with some new sneakers.

Macho Man had a hard decision, but he looked and looked.

A new style was picked out for him.

Aren’t his new shoes extremely stylish? He really loves them and hopes they last a little longer than his old style did.

Macho really got a lot of enjoyment out of visiting the stuffed horse. He kept hoping it was real, but it just didn’t quite smell right.

Of course Macho Man drew the usual crowds wherever he went. We decided not to spend the entire day on the street, Macho has worked hard and deserved the afternoon off. So Jason, Tawnee and Macho Man headed to Lynn’s home for the evening.

Macho was really happy to see real live horses. It’s been awhile since he left the rescue, and he really hasn’t seen horses up close since then.

After Macho was done with his horse greetings he found the perfect place to lay down and start rolling…

…and rolling…

…and rolling all the way over.

Soon he was tucked away in a nice stall with food and water. He has probably never been in such a nice stall, he looks very elegant in there.

We all know you have been waiting to see more news broadcasts. We can only find one other video online, but people on the street were telling Jason and Tawnee that they saw Macho Man on TV on various stations. Here is NBC’s story about Macho Man, click here.

Channel 6 has a story, but no video that we can find. Click here to view the story. A funny side note about the picture they used in the article. When Tawnee found it she commented “Why does Macho Man still have braids?” If you remember, Macho had his braids taken out yesterday morning before all the media videoed him. How did the TV station get a picture of him with braids? It really threw her for a loop, but then Jason reminded her that when she was driving Monday night, and Jason was doing the blog, he put the picture in the blog. Tawnee was relieved to know that media was not stalking Macho Man.

The San Diego Union-Tribune did an feature on Macho Man too. Click here to view it.

This morning Tawnee was preparing Macho Man for the day before his visit to the office. Two ladi
es were pushing their kids in strollers for their morning walk. They saw Macho and they commented “Is that the pony in the newspaper?” They had no idea that the little pony they read about that morning was just a few blocks from their house. It really took them by surprise.

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