This morning found Macho Man in a paddock enjoying fresh green grass. He definitely enjoyed spending the night at Lynn Well’s, and her family’s, home.

It was time to get ready to go so Tawnee led him out of the beautiful barn.

Macho wasn’t too keen on leaving the barn, so he escaped and ran back to the barn.

Soon Tawnee had caught up with him and told him it really was time to get in the van, a new adventure was waiting for him.

Macho was going to the Toby Wells YMCA. It is a very nice facility and to enjoyment it brings to people is immeasurable. Click here for the Toby Wells YMCA website.

Lynn sponsored 250 buttons to be given to the kids at the YMCA summer camp today. 250 buttons sure looks like a lot…

When we arrived there was a huge circle of kids waiting to see the little horse. They were at the YMCA enjoying summer camp and having just a lot of fun. Well they started having a lot more fun when Macho showed up!

Macho Man spent time with each child, they were able to ask questions, pet him, and learn more about horses.

Each child was given a button, and it brought such huge smiles to their faces! They really loved meeting Macho and to get a button as a memento really made their day. This event was the topping on the cake for Macho’s adventures this week. He may have really found his calling in life, bringing joy to people is such an easy task for such an adorable horse. Despite being surrounded by kids, he mostly continued eating grass and just relishing the attention. Sometimes all that could be seen of the little guy was his head coming up to ask for more attention!

Group after group of kids lined up for pictures with Macho. And how was Macho Man handling it? He truly loves kids, and absolutely enjoyed every minute of it.

The 250 buttons that looked like a lot? After the kids got their buttons, it didn’t look like very many at all! In only 45 minutes or so, well over 200 buttons found their way onto the shirts of the kids, bringing huge smiles to their faces.

After visiting the kids at the YMCA it was time for Macho Man to say “Goodbye” to San Diego and begin his long trip back to the rescue. Traffic was went well for the Mini-Van and soon they were at Ride Your Horse! to pick up the trailer.

At Ride Your Horse there were two ladies who were very excited to meet Macho Man. They first learned about NorCal Equine Rescue when NorCal visited their stable during the Animal Planet filming. They have been following the blog all along, and recently read that Macho Man dropped a trailer off at their stable! Well they had to find out when we were be back to pick it up, and they were waiting. They really loved meeting Macho and even bought a couple buttons.

Ride Your Horse! therapeutic riding program is doing such great things with kids. It is such a pleasure to see horses connecting with kids on such a close, personal relationship.

Macho Man enjoyed watching the therapy horses doing their work, but he’s glad he has an easier job and doesn’t have to carry people around.

From Ride Your Horse Macho Man continued on to the Los Angeles Equestrian Center to pick up a horse. He is an older guy, and this lucky guy is just being transported to a retirement home. Picking up the horse, and having the gas paid for, made the trip possible.
The Mini-Van finally made it up and over the grapevine. The grapevine is Interstate 5 up and over the big hill between LA and Bakersfield and is a very long steep hill.

There was a beautiful sun flare through the clouds this evening.

As the blog is being written the Mini-Van is traveling through Bakersfield towards a layover near Fresno.

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