A lady contacted us with a very urgent request. She was forced to sell her horse due to the economy, and he then sold the horse on, and she is very much wanting to find out what happened to her horse. If anyone has seen this horse, please email us and we will pass it on. She says:

“I wake up crying at night because I miss her so much. I was kicked out of my house and was forced to sell her since I moved from Nor Cal to So Cal. I sold her to a man named PK Kennedy. He then turned around and sold her to a man named Joe. That’s all he could, or would tell me. I’ve had her since day 1. I loved her very dearly, and I don’t mean to take her away from a home that is treating her well, and loves her. I just want to know she is okay. She’s about 15.1hh. She is around 4, has a star/stripe/snip, and two perfect hind socks. The white of her eyes show sometimes because she is part appy. She was sold as started, PK said he put rides on her. So he either sold her as greenbroke or trailbroke. If you don’t know where she is, but have horses and have a farrier’s number you could give me instead. That would be much appreciated in case maybe she is one of their clients! I’ve attached a photo in hopes someone has seen her. I’m begging for any help you guys can give me, thank you so much. My heart needs a rest.”

It was a very slow day at the office, unfortunately office work does not make very good pictures, and Jason was gone most of the day delivering the horse from LA. The office work simply had to be done as it had not been touched since before the San Diego fundraising trip. April and Larry came over today and helped Tawnee organize papers. The whole office is entirely cleaned and organized now and it looks really great!

Macho Man has definitely settled back into his routine at the rescue. Dottie doesn’t believe his wild tales, but they will both be making wild tales of their own soon as NorCal Equine Rescue, thanks to Jaime’s hard work, is going to the California State Fair this year. We know that Dottie and Macho Man will be the star’s there, they are just too cute and adorable. We are hoping to sell at least 10,000 buttons towards the purchase of a larger facility!

The water truck got some more work put into it today. It is up and running smoothly and should hopefully be moving water tomorrow. It sure will be nice when we can water the roads and cut down on the dust, especially on Sunday’s.

The sun was setting over the hill, bringing a close to a busy but uneventful day at the rescue.

We would like to thank the following people who have contributed over the last week or so through the Internet. If you donated and your name is not here, we apologize and please let us know! We greatly appreciate each of your support, both great and small.

Donna A. – Lynn E. – Barbara T. – Judy H. – Mark M. – Paula B. – Georgene S. – Cindy M. – Lorrie R. – Laura D. – Cindy R. – Gail G. – Blue Horse Design – Pamela M. – Teresa L. – Yvonne P. – Patricia F. – Sara H. – Lee E. – William E. – Elin K. – Lari K. – Janiece A. – Encata E. – Natalie K. – Suzanne M. – Molly B. – Laurie D. – Anna P. – Karen V. – Margo A. – Jane E. – Save Mart Supermarket – Rocking Z Stables – Lynn W. – Janet L.

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