Today was another busy office day, Jason spent the entire day working on a ground up brand new website. He hopes to have it ready to be released to the public this week, maybe in the next couple days! Tawnee was getting down and personal with the mini’s trying to get great pictures for the new website.

Dottie wasn’t quite sure what all the fuss was about, but she certainly wanted in on the action too.

Tawnee excitedly headed off to the pasture in Gridley to take pictures of the horses. The caretakers had given us some excited news while Jason and Tawnee where on the tour with Macho Man. She had to stop by the hardware store and get some of the last parts needed for the water truck. Everyone was very helpful and with the help of 3 employees the items were found that were needed.

After Tawnee left the hardware store, she stumbled upon a very sad situation with some horses. We can’t say much right now, but we are really hoping to help the horses out soon.

Tawnee needed some cheering up, and she was very happy to see Prince greeting her at the pasture. She said “Hello” to him, but she wanted to see…

Amber’s new little boy. He is such a cute little guy!

Amber has that tired, bedraggled motherhood look about her, poor girl, she has a lot to keep up with now.

Amber isn’t the only one experiencing motherhood. Candy has her own little surprise too…

An adorable little colt. During his first picture in life he shook his head, so he has what looks like mule ears. He is very tiny, but all these mares have been bred to a pony so it isn’t too surprising. He is well proportioned and he doesn’t show any signs of being a preemie.

He is definitely a spittin’ image of his mommy, just a whole lot smaller.

These little baby’s definitely make Prince feel like a great big boy now.

The mommy’s and baby’s had enough of visiting Tawnee, so they headed off to the green areas of the pasture with their little boys trailing beside them.

There are still 2 more mares that are expecting very soon. Nutaka and Mocha are still waiting for their baby’s to be born. It sure will be fun to have 4 little baby’s all about the same age that can romp and play together.

Back at the rescue, Deb was showing Tink to a potential adopter. She truly fell in love with her and is very excited about making Tink a new family member.

Tawnee headed back to the rescue. The sun was starting to set, leaving a glowing light on the golden fields.

When Tawnee arrived at the rescue, the stallion from Sunday’s auction rescue was standing there watching her drive in. Deb picked out his name, it is Sundance Kid. It seems to really fit him!

Deb gave him a rump massage.

Then he got a face massage. He is definitely like a sponge when it comes to soaking up human attention.

We received a very wonderful package in the mail today: $555 worth of gas cards from an awesome person named Dee – Thank you so much Dee! These little guys will certainly help us out immensely.

We would like to thank Erin A – Carrie S. – Gail G. – Hannah R. for donating today! Your thoughtful gifts are greatly appreciated.

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