We have a new phone number to the rescue. We realize that sometimes it is quite difficult to actually get in touch with someone at the rescue. Many times we often are simply not at the rescue and cannot answer the phone. Now, thanks to the power of Google Voice, we can answer the phone no matter where we are. Some of you may have heard of Google Voice and are now jumping up and down that it is now available. This is not the case, it is still by invitation only, but NorCal Equine Rescue was invited today. Lucky for us, and lucky for you!
Our new phone number is: 530-282-5565.
This number will ring through wherever we are, voice mail messages will be emailed to us, and hopefully we will be easier to get in touch with. When we are on the road fundraising the phone will ring through to us.

One of the neat features is on our contact page you will now see a “Call Me” button. Just click the button to call us.

An input box will pop up, you enter your name and phone # and press connect. Your phone rings, you answer, our phone rings, we answer and we are talking. Can it get much simpler? Phone calls will be answered Sunday – Thursday.

Many of you are probably curious about the horses we mentioned in yesterdays blog that Tawnee came across that really needed help. Today Tawnee spent much of her time making phone calls trying to get help. The mare is very concerning with her emaciated state…

…but what made the situation worse was the poor little newborn foal wobbling behind her. Something appears to be wrong with her hind legs and Animal Control is now on the case and hopefully they will be out of there soon.

On a brighter note, you may remember Rose, who came to us at the February auction rescue.

She only had 1 eye, the other one had been removed due to some accident she had in the past no doubt. We were hoping that someone would look past her missing an eye and adopt the sweet horse that she truly is.

Paster Larry was that adopter. He adopted her along with Peanut. We told him that at the auction we were told she may have been exposed to a stallion, but we were not sure. On a side note, check out the haircut on the mini. We had a volunteer in the begining of the year that liked giving haircuts, we never figured out which volunteer it was, but the haircutting has stopped. Since then we’ve put a stop to scissors or clippers being in the tack room! Anyway, Rose was very happy with her adopter.

Remember that part of her maybe being exposed to a stallion? Unfortunately, she was. She had a beautiful little baby that will be loved on a whole bunch. There are so many horses out there right now, it is always sad seeing baby’s. Yes they are cute, but what is their future? It bugs Tawnee to no end when there are pregnant mares at the auction. What where the people thinking?

Jason got the water truck all ready for a trip out to get a load of water.

Along the road it chugged along.

Soon they were at the watering hole and the pump was up and running.

Water was flowing into the tank…

…and flowing right back out the bottom. Was there a leak? We’re still not sure, the leak would come and go. It was very odd but it definitely looks easily fixable. It kind of just stopped on its own and never leaked again. We’re not sure how that was supposed to work, but it fixed itself.

Once the water was in the tank the starter wires fell off, broke and it wouldn’t start. Once again an easy fix.

But, there were no tools so it had to be towed back to the rescue. Larry’s Suburban seemed to have no trouble getting it back to the rescue. Jason is hoping to get it more reliable so he doesn’t need a tow rig to get it back to the rescue.

After the sun had set we received a phone call from a neighbour. A mountain lion killed a 150 lb goat close to the rescue and drug it off. Of course first thing that happened was Dottie and Macho Man were ushered into a lion proof stall for the night. Tomorrow’s plan is to make their stall lion proof as well where
they can be closed in for safety. This is definitely very concerning and Fish and Game will be called tomorrow.

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