The euthanasia clinic is less than a week away, next Wednesday to be specific, and we need a bit of help this month. The goal, as usual, is $2500. If you remember, at the July clinic many horses were scheduled but only a few made it, so we still have most of the July funds. A few horses came into the clinic late, so there is a total of $1,920 brought forward from last months clinic. That only leaves $580 left to raise, let’s get it done!

Macho Man was not very happy with the whole mountain lion situation going on across the field. Jason and a volunteer where hard at work while Macho rested in the shade, and soon…

…his stall has a stiff gate on it. It’s a temporary setup, but it definitely should keep the mountain lions out and keep Macho Man and Dottie in at nighttime.

The water truck got some (hopefully) final touches on it today and it watered the hill quite successfully. It just, actually, ran today!

Tawnee evaluated horses today that came from last Sunday’s auction. The stallion, Sundance, saddled up nice and easy, everything was calm and peaceful, but then…

..he started moving with the saddle and decided he didn’t like it one bit.

He hopped this way, then that way. Tawnee was beginning to wonder about this guy.

Tawnee decided to have a long talk with him about how horses should behave under saddle. Bucking and kicking is, simply, not allowed. He was a willing listener and seemed to be taking it all in.

Then Tawnee started with him again. Apparently he had some training before.

After riding him around in the round pen Tawnee took him for a ride outside the pen. We typically do not evaluate stallion’s riding ability before they are gelded, but he is just extra mellow.

He apologized for his bad behaviour and told Tawnee he wants to be a good boy now. He is definitely making a huge soft spot in Tawnee’s heart.

Tawnee continued evaluating horses until the sun started setting. She finally got caught up on office work enough to get outside and do what she likes doing: working with the horses. She always says “I didn’t start a rescue so I could sit in the office all day.”

Macho Man was very eager to go in his kitty proof stall for the evening. He is always so wide eyed and a good sport about everything, just a doll.

Thank you Francesca F. for donating today, it is greatly appreciated! See your name on the blog, click here.

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