Tawnee loaded up Tink and soon they were off. She was a good girl and after a little look she hopped right, then out, then back in.

Once they arrived Tink’s new mommy excitedly announced that it was her birthday today and this just made her day! Tink seemed very happy there as well, her adoptive mommy is going to rename her Cloud. She promises this is Tink’s home forever and ever.

Recognize this sweet eye?

He wanted to say “Hi” to you today.

That’s right, it’s Phoenix. He is doing so incredibly well and enjoyed his bath.
After his bath he was taken out to the sun to dry. Nothing like a nice bath and some sweet grass to put a smile on a horse’s face.

It’s hard to believe that this is our Phoenix. He is so gorgeous and looking so good compared to what he was. He is full of life, but still the same sweet guy we have all come to know and love.

On May 5th he was rescued looking like this. At the point of death, without food he would have died within a very short period of time. It’s been a long road. The vet says he still needs to gain 300 lbs or so, the road isn’t done yet but he sure is doing well. This is what rescue is all about.

Have a great weekend!

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