Today James, the hoof trimmer, brought out some people that are interested in adopting horses. Tawnee spent the morning showing them each available horse, they really loved each one and are having a hard time figuring which one(s) would make the perfect addition to their families.

Larry spent the morning building, as he says, “a real gate” for Dottie and Macho Man.

While Dottie and Macho Man’s stall was being fixed they were allowed to roam free. Of course Dottie had to immediately visit the donated bags of feed that James and his friends brought out.

Kassandra’s potential adopter came out to visit her today. She placed a hold on her and wanted to come meet her before filling out the adoption application. She really fell in love with Kassandra and is looking forward to training her for her children. Kassandra will certainly be a beautiful project!

Larry meanwhile was still hard at work putting the final touches and the finishing paint strokes on the mini’s stall.

While James was out visiting today he decided to help evaluate Mo. Thanks for being the guinea pig rider today James!

One of Jame’s friends fell in love with the boy from the auction that had the tight vet wrap around his leg. She named him today: Ringo Star. She is hoping to adopt him after having the vet do a pre-adoption exam. He would certainly have an awesome home!

Tawnee and April headed out after closing time, they decided to go shopping…

…but what were they shopping for? A beautiful portable mini horse stall they were hoping would fit in the back of the van. It would be perfect for Macho Man!

The price was agreed upon and then it was time to see if it would fit. They lifted it up, up and proceeded to push it into the van. Would it fit?

It was a perfect fit! It slid right into the van and the doors closed right behind it. It is exactly what we were needing, Macho Man can ride in safety, comfort and style.

Back at the rescue we just couldn’t wait to try it out. Yes, Macho Man fits in there just fine, and Mr T wanted to try it out too. Mr T seems to be bigger than Macho Man now.

The center divider easily comes out so Macho Man would have his own little stall. It’s time for another road trip! Macho Man and Dottie will be heading to the Ca State Fair, Augst 21st – Sep 7th. We will be giving them days off throughout the fair. If you’re interested in volunteering to help at the state fair, please contact us, we are definitely looking for volunteers.

After trying out his new portable stall, it was time for bed. Now they’re safely tucked behind the mountain lion proof gate. We’re hoping the mountain lion never comes window shopping, it is definitely scary with it on the prowl, but they should be safe in there.

It was a beautiful sunset at the rescue this evening, the smoke in the air from the fires made it really pretty tonight. There are a couple fires in the surrounding areas, as of yet we have not been called out to help with horse evacuations, thankfully.

Many thanks to Elizabeth K for donating! Your support is greatly appreciated.

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