A bunch of hay was delivered to the rescue today. This hay is really nice alfalfa and is really cheap: $7 a bale delivered and stacked. What a deal!
First there was a pickup truck with a flatbed trailer that had to be unloaded.

Then the big truck. All in all it was 140 bales of hay. We are giving this hay a test run, if the horses love it we are planning on getting it a semi-load at a time. If you are in northern Ca and are looking for cheap hay, give them a call: Golden State Farms, “Ray” at 530-308-5343. Tell them that you got the phone # from NorCal Equine Rescue, maybe they’ll give us even better discounts!

The van was ready to go with the little stalls doors open waiting for… Macho Man?

Well, actually, Mr T. We got a call from the vet today asking if Mr T would be able to donate blood once again for a sick little goat that was in dire need of a blood transfusion. Of course we said “Yes!”

Then Macho Man was loaded up too because he had a vet appointment today. This was the first time loading into the stall with the ramp and he did great.

They both arrived at the vet safe and sound. Tawnee wondered if Mr T remembered the last time he donated blood to save a goats life.

Macho Man needed some x-rays taken of his legs where he had his surgery done. We wanted to give him a checkup to make sure everything was going fine with him. He has such a huge campaign planned that for sure he needs to stay in 100% condition.

The x-rays were pretty exciting to see. Everything looks great in there now. The before and after surgery xrays were put next to each other and it certainly is quite a difference!

Many of you may not know what Macho Man was experiencing before the surgery. Macho Man was literally walking on his toe before the surgery on one of his feet. He walked like this for 10 years of his life before coming to the rescue.

After the x-rays he had an extra special trim. He is in tip-top shape and ready to walk all over the place. The vet recommended a special diet for him during his campaign.

Then it was Mr T’s turn to give the gift of life.

After he gave his donation of blood the vet couldn’t find any cookies. You should have seen the look on his face! You always get a cookie after donating blood!

Some cookies were finally found and Mr T was happy once again.

The life giving blood was given to this cute little guy.

Soon it was time to leave the vet. Mr T decided to climb up into his stall to take one last look at the vet office.

Finally everyone was back at the rescue. Mr T decided that since he was a brave boy and donated blood he would get out first.

Macho Man waited patiently for his turn to get out. They both really enjoyed the portable stall, it made travel so much nicer and we are so grateful we were able to get it.

Macho Man is getting to be an expert at navigating up and down the ramp into the van. It’s a lot easier for him than trying to jump into and out of a horse trailer.

Thank you everyone for your support both financial and emotional! If anyone wants to help out with the hay that would be greatly appreciated, it was 140 bales at $7 a bale, $980. Click here!

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