The euthanasia clinic is tomorrow morning! We have a lot of interest in this clinic and we are expecting this clinic to be more than full. We already have some horses that have been brought in early because their owners could not make it on the euthanasia day. There is still about $480 left to raise, please do what you can to help! Your help is really needed and appreciated. We need to keep these clinics free for as long as possible so that those that have horses in pain have no excuse for prolonging their pain or taking them to an auction. Click here to donate.

We got an update on Karma today. Her and Tuxedo are getting along great. She sure looks like a lucky girl! Tuxedo is a lucky boy to have her as a companion too.

James came out today to lend his expertise in trimming horses. Sundance was first up and he was a great boy getting his feet done. He doesn’t know yet, but he has a lot of changes in his life in the next few days when he is gelded.

James worked on a lot of different horses today. He really got in there and got it done!

Sarah came out to volunteer today. She did a lot of cleaning and other chores that needed to be done, and in between she held horses for James to trim. Thanks so much for coming out, we really look forward to your help in the future!

Belle’s potential adopter came out today to visit her. She is such a beautiful girl!

She spent some time with Belle in the round pen and is now figuring out if she wants to take on such a project. Belle is a really beautiful girl, but has some trust issues and is scared of people. She has a lot of potential and is just waiting for that perfect person who has the time to spend.

James was still working on horse feet, making happy hooves. Thank you so much for working yourself ragged today! After every horse was done, Tawnee would say “Do you want another one?” and every time he would say “Sure.” After a lot of horses were done he finally admitted he was finished for the day. Thanks again!

A horse was brought in for the euthanasia clinic this afternoon. They were unable to bring her in tomorrow so they brought her to the rescue today. She can barely walk due to severe arthritis. She was greatly loved by her owner, but they knew this was the kindest thing to do, and not prolong her suffering. Not being financially able to afford euthanasia, her owner was extremely grateful for our clinic.

We got an exciting phone call from Honda of Oroville that we were waiting for a very long time. As soon as it came in Jason was off to town.

You see, last year Petfinder Foundation sent out that they had over $1,000,000 in funding to give generators to rescues for use in time of need. One of our big concerns is that if the electricity went out for any length of time it would make watering the horses a big concern. We were awarded the grant and they told us that our local Honda dealership would be contacting us when it was ready.

Sure enough, a bright red generator was waiting at the shop.

It was quickly loaded up into the truck and off it went to the rescue.

Back at the rescue Jason had the task of unloading it. It is quite heavy and it required the use of some ramps to safely unload it.

This is a great asset to the rescue, hopefully it will never need to be used, but no doubt the electricity will go down at some point.

Thank you so much Sarah S, Sally H, Pamela N, Gail G, and Petfinder Foundation for your generous donations today! Your support is vitally important in keeping the rescue going.

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