This morning Sundance was loaded up for the quick trip to the vet for his gelding surgery. He didn’t seem to mind at all, and was a very good boy loading up. Tawnee didn’t tell him why he was loading up, he really didn’t need to know.

Phoenix got his teethe floated today! He is such a pretty boy and is doing so well these days.

First of all he had to get his mouth washed out.

Then he was sedated into la-la land and he was seeing the bouncy blue carrots again.

While Phoenix was getting his teethe done, the little goat that got the blood transfusion yesterday was peeking out of the padded room watching the events. He is doing better thanks to Mr T’s gift.

Phoenix’s teeth really needed to be floated. It is great that he has finally gained enough weight to be able to handle a float job. In the examination of his teethe it was determined that he is more like 12-13 instead of 7. Hopefully this new information can help us figure out who he really is.

Finally Phoenix was back in his stall, teethe all smoothed up so he can eat easier.

Sundance was enjoying his new stall at the vet. He laid down to take a rest.

A lot of horses came into the clinic today. Some poor folks brought one to the rescue, not realizing that the clinics are not held at the rescue. They dropped the horse off at the rescue and it will be taken out to the vet tomorrow. This pretty boy is about 10 years old and his owner was no longer able to keep him due to an injury above his hoof.

His owner said that his only other option was the auction, and they didn’t want to do that, so they decided on the clinic instead.

We decided to evaluate his injury and have x-rays taken.

Dr Weaver examined the xray and it is believed that this boy will heal up fine, there doesn’t seem to be any fractures. He should be fine with a new treatment plan.

Finally the day drew to a close at the vet and Tawnee headed out to pick up Travis, who was not fitting in with his adopter.

Travis was a good boy and loaded easily into the trailer. Then it was the long drive back to the rescue.

By the time Tawnee got back to the rescue it was long after dark.

Travis was unloaded safely from the trailer…

…and put into a waiting stall.

Thank you Jean S, Deb B, Jaquelyn B, The Business Cleaning Company, and Caroline R for your donations today! With the cash donations given at the clinic, all the necessary funds were just barely raised for the euthanasia clinic this month. Thank you so much!

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