This morning Tawnee was once again loading horses into the trailer. Horses were going to the vet, some of them for their pre-adoption exams. Chief was a good boy and was eager for his new adventure.

Sundance couldn’t believe the dreaded word when the vet told him: “You’re going to be gelded this morning.” His eyes just bugged out at the mention of that word! He couldn’t believe it.

A trailer pulled in with two horses Tawnee was very glad to see.

Lyla, from the Taylorsville rescue, is fat and happy now. Sandy has done a magnificent job of rehabbing her, you could never know by looking at her that she was almost starved to death.

Taya is also a beautiful girl. She was also really skinny, and is now doing very well. She really looks like a different horse, she has so much potential. Both the horses are trained to ride, Lyla is not yet ready for adoption due to legal issues, but Taya is available.

Ringo Star was taken to the vet for his pre-adoption exam. His adopter wanted to be present for the exam, and today worked out great for all involved. She wanted to see how everything was before making up her mind. Chief was also scheduled for a pre-adoption exam, but his adopter never showed up and she wanted to be there when the exam was done.

Everything checked out fine and Ringo Star has a forever home now!

We have some very exciting news about Phoenix today. Napoleon’s lifetime sponsor has decided that Phoenix deserves a lifetime sponsorship to live at the rescue too. We are so excited about this! It is wonderful having the assurance that Phoenix will have a forever home at the rescue. He will be at the vet a little while longer, but we just wanted to let you know the great news.

This afternoon Jason packed up the van and headed off to Sacramento.

Tomorrow is the start of the California State Fair, and we are planning on being there as much as possible.

The fair provided a great pen for Dottie and Macho Man.

After a bit of work the booth was set up. We are located in the Ranchland district. If you are at the fair come by and say “Hi!” You’ll for sure want to see the mini’s with the tennis shoes.

Tawnee arrived back at the rescue a bit after sunset. Jason also got back to the rescue at about the same time so he helped unload the horses.

Jason offered the horses some carrots, but some of them seemed a bit hesitant. Can’t always win their love right away, but they usually come around.

Thank you so much Suzanne F and Linda L for your donations today! They are greatly appreciated.

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