This morning found NER staff Jason and Tawnee heading down the road away from the rescue.

Today was the start of the California State Fair, and the mini’s are going to be visiting the state fair at our booth as much as possible. Upon arrival at the fair Macho Man and Dottie easily unloaded.

Soon the throngs of kids and adults were getting their daily dose of smiles by visiting the mini’s.

This little girl just has the hugest smile!!!

Macho kept putting his head on the table saying saying “How many have I sold now?” He really loves interacting with people and kids.

When it was time to go Tawnee led the mini’s to the waiting van.

The loaded up and are traveling in air conditioned comfort!

We sold 150 buttons today. A long shot from the goal of 500,000, but every button sold is that much closer to the goal!

Have a great weekend! Will we see you at the fair on Sunday?

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