This morning the guys (Macho Man and Jason) loaded up into the van for a day at the fair.

Tawnee headed out in a separate direction. Tucker was being adopted today and Tawnee transported him to his new home. He’s such a pretty boy, and the other horses were so excited to meet him.

The guys arrived at the fair and got the booth set up. It’s actually quite dusty down there, the thousands and thousands of people walking on the dirt is getting a layer of dirt on everything. It still only takes about half an hour to get set up though.

The bay gelding, named Tuck, from the euthanasia clinic is at the vet and is getting the care he needs for his leg injury. He’s going to have a surgery in a few days to help correct it further. It’s a good thing Tucker found his home, when horses have similiar names at the rescue it can get confusing!

Sundance was ready to come home from the vet. He’s been a very brave boy and now his stallion days are over. He loaded up in the trailer and off he went back to the rescue.

When he arrived at the rescue he peeked out of the trailer and he got the perfect Sundance photo with the sun behind him. He’s really beautiful!

Macho Man worked really hard at selling buttons today, and was a super good boy all day long, but being a Monday it seemed that a lot of people were in school and at work. All in all Macho sold about 83 buttons today. Not a lot, but every bit helps. A lot of really nice people stopped by the booth and hopefully some future friends of the rescue were made today!

After getting pulled over by our local friendly Highway Patrol (the license plate lamp is burned out, it’s one of those things that is really hard to know) the guys made it back to the rescue safely. After checking out the paperwork and finding everything in order, he had to ask about the horse. After Jason explained everyone had a good chuckle.

Macho Man walked out of the van like a pro, pranced right to his lion proof stall and is ready to get some sleep.

We would like to thank everyone for their donations. While the fair is going on we will postpone announcing names of donors. Your donations are greatly appreciated, we cannot tell you much they help the horses.

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