As usual Jason headed out with Macho Man this morning to the fair.
We have some new volunteers at the rescue! Jason discovered a volunteer watermelon plant growing in the manure pile with a pretty good size watermelon growing on it. Today Tawnee found a volunteer sunflower that has sprouted. It seems that Tawnee is getting her garden after all this year as little as it may be. She decided not to grow a regular garden this year as the horse come first.
We have been working on a rescue for awhile now and today was the day for the rescue to take place. Larry and April were asked if they would to do this rescue and they more then happy to do it, so they headed out.
When they got there they found some pretty sad looking horses that really needed help.
Soon the 2 old horses were in the trailer and it was time to head back to the rescue.

When they all got back to the rescue the poor horses looked out of the trailer wondering what would happen next.

When the mare was been lead into the stall she collapsed due to weakness and then struggled to get back up. Larry tried to help her…

… and soon she was back up, thankfully.

Looking into their eyes is so sad, they are so old, tired of life, tired of being hunger, tired of pain.

They both seemed to be glad they were in nice clean stall. Most importantly they were close to each other. They have been holding on to life because of each other, knowing how badly they need each other.

There is barely anything left of their frail bodies…

Their hooves are in terrible condition.

April got right to work making her famous toothless horse treat. It’s fame is known widely in our group of rescued horses. Hands down nobody can make up a better bucket of food for toothless horses then April.

Tawnee gave the horses pain killers to make them feel better and then made the call to the vet office to found out the the soonest the horse could be seen by the vet. Tomorrow they will be seen by our vet and we know we will have to say good bye to these poor old horses. Their suffering will be over. After the vet call they were both enjoying yummy food that they actually are able to eat.

On a brighter note, Trigger is doing great and had his first tying lesson today. He did great and is such a fast learner. If you missed his rescue story click here.

Sundance enjoyed taking his first roll in the round pen as a gelding. He such a sweet boy and is now in adoption pending!

Jason and Mancho Man sold 134 buttons today at the fair! It was a really long day and Jason finally got back to the rescue completely exhausted about 11:30. It was just like every other day at the fair, only longer.

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