This morning volunteer Sarah came out to help get Dottie and Macho Man all bathed up for another big day at the fair. They both needed a bath and Sarah was more than happy to pitch in and help out.

Once their bath was done they loaded into the van. They were all wet, but at least they were clean! They were happy to get into the van where the warm heater was blowing them dry.

The two horses from yesterdays rescue were heading to the vet today. It’s really sad that we couldn’t make their life better, but at least they had food in their tummy’s and knew they were loved.

Soon their suffering would be over. It’s was so hard watching them try to get their feeble bodies into the trailer for the short ride to the vet.

Soon Dottie and Macho Man were at the fair in full swing. Sarah went down with Tawnee today to help out, giving Jason’s voice a break. They both had high hopes in their head that they could sell way more buttons than Jason did.

Macho Man really enjoys selling those buttons to help horses! He likes looking at the green stuff… The one rule is, he can’t eat this green stuff.

The mounted police were riding by and they just had to stop and see the little horse. Macho Man looks so tiny! He was really impressed with the great big police horses. He probably wonders if he can work for the police when he grows up too… Sorry Macho Man, your growing days are over, sorry!

Once again it was about dark when it was time to pack up and head back to the rescue.

Soon Dottie and Macho Man were in the van and enjoying their supper on the way back to the rescue.

All in all about 160 buttons were sold today, great job Tawnee and Sarah. You didn’t really out-sell Jason, but it all helps. The total count keeps going up!

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