Today was a very special day at the fair. It was disabled person day, and any disabled person was given free admission to the fair grounds. For Macho Man this meant that he was able to make a lot of people with disabilities smile very big today!

Macho Man got to meet a new furry friend today. An Alpaca came walking along and wanted to talk to Macho Man.

They definitely had a connection going on. They really enjoyed hanging out together for awhile.

Macho Man really enjoyed watching the horse show this evening. He couldn’t believe that his bigger cousins were really doing all those neat things.

He had fun watching the horse gymnastics. There are a lot of really neat horse shows at the fair. Macho Man was amazed at the great big black horse.

Tawnee, Larry and April were at the fair all day, and they sold a total of 117 buttons. More towards the goal.

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