On Friday, Macho Man was at the fair with Tawnee. Tawnee thought that Macho Man looked a little bored, so they headed over to the ice cream stand. Macho Man was in for a special treat: his first ice cream cone! The ladies at the stand were more than thrilled to see this new little customer.

Macho Man seriously loved the ice cream cone and just couldn’t get enough of it! Tawnee had previously cleared giving Macho Man some human treats with our vet to make sure it won’t hurt him. He won’t get very much, but he sure enjoys what he does get. He won’t know what to do once the fair is over, he sure is living the sweet life down there!

Macho Man and Tawnee had to leave the fair early on Friday. They only sold 87 buttons, but they had to leave Cal Expo (where the fair is) early.

They were on the road. We had gotten a call from a person that had adopted a horse from another place. Shortly after she adopted the horse she lost her job and needed to return the horse. When she contacted the place she adopted the horse from, she was told that the horse could not be returned and that she had adopted the horses and there were no other options. She owned the horse, it was her responsibility. There was no way she could keep the horse and the only other option was to put him for free on Craigslist, but she did not want to have to do that.

Tawnee arrived at the boarding stable safely. It was a really cute and well thought out facility.

While at the facility Tawnee got to visit one of our previously adopted horses: Burly Ben. He is doing very well and is quite happy with his adopter.
The horse that needed help is Naughty Nine, an off the track TB. The lady told Tawnee the whole story, all Tawnee would do is tell her that she is not the only one that has had the same problem. Even if you are told that the horses are welcome to come back if they do not work out, get it in writing!

Today, Sunday, Jason and Tawnee headed to the fair with Macho Man and Dottie, while April and Larry stayed at the rescue. Larry cleaned and groomed the rescue, including harrowing the round pen.

Mr T seems to be a little jealous of Dottie and Macho Man getting to head off on grand and glorious adventures. He heard that there are lots of pretty goats down there that are groomed to perfection. He figured he is really stylish too, so he wants to go, now he just needs to convince Jason and Tawnee.

Some potential adopters came out to visit the horses today. As of the writing of the blog we have not gotten the details on their visit, just a picture. They certainly look like they are having fun!

Meanwhile Jason, Tawnee, Dottie and Macho Man had arrived at the fair and were heading towards the booth.

After a little bump, Tawnee noticed some strange pain and swelling in her arm. Not good! Ever since 2006, when Tawnee was bucked off a horse she was showing to potential adopters, she has had some trouble with that wrist. Today it flared up like it never has before and she might just have to get that checked out.

Volunteer Kim was able to talk to everyone at the booth for quite a number for hours today. She did an absolutely great job and everyone seemed to love her. She also insisted that Jason and Tawnee take a break and enjoy the fair for a bit. Thank you so much Kim, we really appreciate it!

Soon the sun was setting and another busy day at the fair was drawing to a close. At the end of the day 277 buttons had been sold. It was a very wonderful day.

Tawnee spent all day holding her poor arm, which continued to swell. She says if it’s not better by tomorrow she’ll go to the doctor. For now she’s just gritting her teethe.

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